Blade Dance – Cold Iron – D.L. McDermott

Finn has done a lot of changing throughout this series. Actually, it wasn’t until the end of the last book that he started to change and that was only because he wanted Ann Phillips, a school teacher who came to his house to discuss his grandson who she thought was his son.

I thought Ann was a busy body overreaching her authority as a school teacher to go talk to a known crime Lord about the attendance of his grandson. School teachers don’t do that. They go through the proper channels to do that.

In this book, she goes to Finn because he’s the only one who knows who will help a child in desperate need of help. She discovers that the parents of one of her second graders has had the child’s arms tattooed which is illegal. The nurse tells her to stay out of it and not cause trouble with the Beautiful People. She knows a lot of the people in the area believe in the Fae but she’s not convinced. The principal also threatens that if she reports it, she will tell them that she is lying.

She turns to Finn who she knows has a connection with the child’s parents. Finn proves to her that the Fae really exist and he tells her she might not be fully human either.

Things take a dangerous turn when the child goes missing.

The romance between Ann and Finn was okay for me but I was more interested in the new character who was introduced, lobath, who lives a life of penance for horrible things he had done in the past. I’m pretty sure he will be featured in the next book.

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