Frost Security – All 5 Books – Glenna Sinclair

I bought this entire series for 99 cents so I wasn’t expecting much but it turned out to be a good little series. I have written a little summary of each book below.


I’m going to go off on a little tangent about what bothered me at the beginning of the book but then I’ll get to the good stuff so bear with me. I was annoyed by the first few pages because the author did a little too much explaining to get the reader to understand the main character was a wolf shifter and it’s weird but I don’t know how to explain how she over-explained it.

There were three things that immediately turned me off. First, it was written in first-person POV. I, personally, have never liked first-person POV because it doesn’t feel like I can be involved in the story or replace the character with myself. It also limits the scope of what the reader can know and see. For example; if something is written in third-person POV, the reader might know what the bad guy is planning while the main characters have no clue. This isn’t possible in first-person POV. There are a few books that I enjoy that are written in first-person but I generally avoid them.

The second thing that bothered me was the eye-rolling descriptive words that were used. The intro scene was about a pack of shifter wolves in wolf form on a hunt for game. She used phrases that had me thinking puppy dogs rather than wild majestic wolves like “tails slightly wagging” and “five furry shapes”.

The third is that the male protagonist name was Richard. This wouldn’t bug most people but my oldest brother was named Richard and he passed away. It was painful to see his name because t’s not a name I see at all for leading characters in a romance novel, mostly because the leading characters are usually in their 20s and 30s and Richard is a name of a bygone era like Agnes and Gertrude. I had to just skip over his name.

Luckily, the second chapter began with Jessica’s POV and there were no more cringe-worthy descriptions. And Jessica is one of those nice overused names of the 80s and 90s. The plot was fairly simple which is something I really needed right now. Jessica hires Frost Security where Richard (I’ll call him R for the remainder of this review) works because she has been receiving threatening phone calls that the local sheriff can’t seem to do anything about. These phone calls started two weeks earlier just after her business partner died in a hunting accident. The caller who disguises his/her voice keeps telling her to get out of town.

Things escalate when someone sends her a dead tortoise, stabbed in the belly and then on the same day, her new business partner shows up. Her old partner had willed his part of the business to his greasy biker-gang nephew who offers Jessica a lot of money to sell her half to him so he can use the business to launder money. He makes it clear to her that she has no choice if she wants to stay safe.

There were some interesting background characters with their own stories getting set up for the coming books in the series. I’m looking forward to them.


The series follows five men who work for Frost Security in a small mountain town in Colorado who also just happen to be wolf shifters.

 I thought a security firm was all about installing security systems but I was wrong. These guys are body guards and investigators.

 In this book, Ashley Martin is a spoiled rich girl who lives off her trust fund and wanders around to her father’s vacation homes. She partied through college and only graduated because her father donated funds to the college. She’s in Enchanted Rock at her father’s “cabin” to visit her friend Sheila.

 She arrived home one night to her cabin being ransacked. The homes around the area are all referred to as cabins but Ashley’s is a four bedroom with a four-car garage. She thought it was odd that her alarm hadn’t been triggered so she called the local sheriff who seems super lazy and then called Frost Security who put Frank in charge of her case.

 At first, Frank thought Ashley was just another spoiled trust-fund baby but soon changed his mind when he saw how she didn’t mind rolling up her sleeves and doing hard work and how she didn’t roll up into a ball and hide in the face of danger.

They soon found out that Ashley’s father might be involved in money laundering for a Mexican cartel who are after her for some reason too.

This book was packed with action. The plot was fairly simple but this book was a little more complex than the first because it’s building up background stories for the other men of Frost Security, especially on their boss Peter Frost.

I have to laugh a little about the names of these men who are in their late 20s and early 30’s. Two of them are common names for the 80’s and 90’s, Jacob and Matthew, but the other three are names that I associate with much older men who are in their 70s and 80s, Frank, Peter and Richard. I don’t know why this bugs me so much but it does. Maybe it’s because I do a lot of genealogy and recognize trends in names of certain eras. Who knows for sure.

The next book is about Jacob who hasn’t really been talked about much in the first two books. I can’t wait to learn about him. Who am I kidding. I’m not going to wait. I’m going to start reading it right now.



I think I liked the characters in this story the best out of the three books I have read in this series so far.

Jacob is a wolf shifter who, like the rest of the men who work at Frost Security, served in the military and then was a police officer with the LAPD until Peter Frost offered him a job in Colorado.

 Elise arrives in Enchanted Rock from New Mexico, looking for her younger sister who had taken off when their father got sick and left Elise to take care of things.

Elise has not heard from her sister in a while except for a postcard from Colorado so after her father died, she decided to look for Eve.

 She meets Jacob at a local diner and he agrees to help her for free and even takes a week vacation from work but both he and Elise soon learn that Eve has gotten herself into some deep doo doo.

 I cracked up when Elise tells Jacob that when she finds her sister, she’s going to kick her in the cooch. She’s a feisty little thing.

 There was some background story about Jacob’s boss and pack leader which sounds like it could mean trouble for the whole pack.

 I’m off to read the next book.


Out of the four books I’ve read, this was my least favorite. I think it was because Rebecca was the typical English teacher, all prim and proper, but it might have been that the story was too predictable. I had figured out the bad guy from the get-go.

Rebecca hired Frost security to help her find evidence that her godfather Zeke was innocent of arson charges. His business burned down and he was accused of it.

Matthew was assigned to her case and, like all the other men in the previous stories, fell in love with Rebecca within the first day because she is is mate. I, personally, think that’s a little unrealistic but the author makes it work.

The background plot that has been working up throughout this series is heating up. A secret military organization named Jaeger Tech is hunting down shifters throughout the country and burning down their home with their dead bodies inside.

At the end of book three, we found out Peter’s mate, Vanessa, who he thought was dead had been following Jaeger Tech’s men and almost got caught. She ran to find Peter and tell him that they know where he is and have been watching him.

Now, onto the final book!


This is the final book of this series and I wasn’t sure how the author was going to tie all the loose ends together in such a short book but she did it…sort of.

I don’t want to spoil the end so I’ll just say that I was l left with the feeling that there must be more books or maybe a spinoff series in the works but when I looked it up, I only saw similar series to this one. When I looked at their descriptions, they didn’t mention anything about this series. It’s disappointing.














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