Raziel – The Fallen #1 – Kristina Douglas

This book was awful! I couldn’t stand either one of the leading characters. She was vain and selfish while he was supposed to be powerful and broody but came off as obstinate and boorish.
I get so annoyed with authors who try to do the “I lust after her but I don’t want to get hurt again” thing. It’s overused and tedious to read.
I skipped page after page of Allegra and Raziel arguing.
And the vampiric angel thing has also been overdone.
The only thing that kept me reading besides the fact that I’m desperate for a new series, was that Allie had some humorous thoughts on her situation like how she thought of the wives of the fallen blood sucking angels as the Stepford Wives.
I’d say don’t bother reading this. It bites. Pun intended.

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