Feversong – Fever #9 – Karen Marie Moning

The first half of this book drove me bonkers! You know those movies where things are fragmented and you don’t know if the scene is a memory or something that is happening in the present or those scenes when that wonky whooshing sound comes on as scenes flash by? That is how I felt. It wasn’t just the fragmented thing that bothered me though. It was the pages and pages of introspection that I skipped over because that kind of thing bores me to tears. I almost didn’t want to continue reading but I had read that this was the finale to the series and really wanted to know what happened to certain characters like Dani/Jada, Christian and Dageus so I trudged on. Luckily, the second half of the book was much better and reminded me why I love this series.

If you aren’t familiar with this series it is about a young woman named MacKayla who goes to Dublin to get answers to why her sister was murdered. She discovers she can see things others cannot like Fae creatures living amongst the humans without them knowing. She sees their true features. She meets other women just like her who are called sidhe-seers. They are able to see Fae creatures in their true form. Each has their individual talents but Mac seems to be a little more powerful than any of the rest. To make things worse, she is being stalked by something called the Sinsar Dubh which in the beginning was an evil book but as the series goes on we learn that the Sinsar Dubh is more than just a book. It somehow burrowed its way into Mac and continuously taunts her and tries to use her for its evil goals.

She met a man named Jericho Barrons who is the man of my dreams. He’s powerful, mysterious and is a man of few words. She knows what Barrons really is. He is part of a group called The Nine who are a lot like him but he seems to be their leader. She and Barrons become an item. They don’t seem to be the most romantic couple but you can tell that they would die for each other. The way Karen Marie Moning writes it, is superb and it is hard to describe their relationship since it developed over the course of the series.

MacKayla isn’t the only protagonist of this series. There is also a sidhe-seer named Dani who has super speed and strength who stars in these books. Dani starts out as a vibrant 14-year-old but gets lost in something called the silvers and over a period of just a few months comes out again as an adult because time moves different in the silvers. Dani then became known as Jada, a cool and calculated young woman who made me miss Dani very much.

The wall between the two worlds of the Fae and humans collapses and Fae start trying to take over the world but Mac, Dani and a bunch of other characters fight against it.

At the end of the last book, the Sinsar Dubh possessed Mac so this book starts off with the point of view of the Sinsar Dubh and switches to other character’s points of view throughout the book. Mac is stuck somewhere in a dark within her own body. She has time to reflect A LOT on what she did wrong and how she might be able to overcome the Sinsar Dubh.

Meanwhile, there are other threats to the world. There are black holes that are hovering above the ground all over the Earth. They suck in anything near and become larger. The fear is that if one of them touches the ground, it will suck in the Earth and the whole universe and life will cease to exist anywhere except other realms and worlds that can be reached through the Silvers.

I am glad I continued to read on instead of giving up on this book because it ended up being a great and emotional end to the series.

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