Demon from the Dark – Immortals After Dark #10 – Kresley Cole

Malkum Slaine, a demon, had a hard life living on Oblivion, a hell realm, where he was born to a whore who sold him to the vampires as a blood and sex slave when he was a child. Later, he killed his master and started killing every vampire he could. He became known to the prince, Kallen, who sought him out to serve in his army and the two became best friends until a jealous soldier named Ronath betrayed them and they were captured by vampires. The viceroy of the vampires along with an evil sorcerer turned them into Scârbă, a cross between a demon and a vampire, then threw them into a cell and starved them until Kallen gave in and bit Malkum. Malkum promptly killed him.

Carrow is a rare three-caste witch. Whatever that means. She has been abducted by the Order which is run by mortals who have captured many creatures from the Lore including the infamous vampire Lothaire who we have seen glimpses of in previous books and in the last book he stole a ring off of La Dorada, an evil being who makes a creepy appearance in this book. Others from the Lore are also there. Uilleam MacRieve, twin to Munro and cousin to the King of the Lykae is there. Melanthe, a sorceress, who we have also briefly met before shares a cell with Carrow. They often see Regin the Radiant, a Valkyrie, getting dragged by their cell. The overseer, Declan Chase, of the prison seems to have some sort of sick fascination with Regin and tortures her a lot.

Chase takes Carrow into the lab and tells her she has to go into Oblivion and bring back Malkum so they can study him. When she refuses, he brings in her seven-year old cousin Ruby in and threatens to hurt her. They tell her that they already killed Ruby’s mother. Carrow agrees to go.

Even though I have already read this book once, I had a hard time putting it down. I mean, it has been a while since I have read it and I have probably read hundreds of books afterwards so I forgot all the details and even what exactly happened in the end. The developing romance between the main characters was interesting but I think the background story is what really attracts me to this series. There are a lot of characters and stories developing and it keeps readers wondering what will happen next.

I highly recommend this series to anyone interested in paranormal romance.


3 thoughts on “Demon from the Dark – Immortals After Dark #10 – Kresley Cole

  1. So, who are the main characters, exactly? You mentioned so many, but never mentioned the actual romance. Are they Malkan and this witch Carrow? I haven’t started the IAD yet, and it sounds more complicated than it needs to be for one book. Unless it’s written really well and is around 500 pages? Also reminds me of the Demonica series (which I adore) gone a bit sci-fi.


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