Rising Storm Season Two – Collaboration of Authors

Rising Storm

Season Two

 I decided to wait until I read the entire season to do a review instead of on each individual episode because the episodes were so short. It just made more sense to write a review on all of the books at once.

At the end of Season One, Dakota Alvarez exposed the secret that Ginny Moreno had an affair with Senator Sebastian Rush and the baby she was carrying was probably his and not Jacob Salt’s baby because Jacob was probably infertile due to an accident he had as a child. She also admitted that she too had an affair with the senator. She announced this at the town’s Founder’s Day Celebration where the whole town was listening along with the press who Sebastian had invited.

This season, everyone is dealing with the blowback from Dakota’s disclosure. Jacob’s parents who are still mourning from the loss of Jacob, are devastated to learn that Ginny had lied to them and that the baby who was supposed to have given them hope might not be Jacob’s child at all. Ginny’s boyfriend, Logan, is hurt and feels betrayed by Ginny because she did not trust him enough to tell him the truth. Ginny’s best friend, Brittany who also happens to be the senator’s daughter, is angry and hurt because Ginny slept with her father and kept secrets from her. Most of the blame has been put on Ginny and Dakota.

Everyone seems to hate Dakota because of the way she went about exposing the whole scandal which is fair because she did set out to destroy Ginny and the senator and she did do it maliciously but she also felt she was doing the right thing when she did it.

Sebastian was also feeling the heat so he and his mother, Marylee Rush, are scurrying to try to save his political career by any means possible. But Sebastian and Marylee are scheming on ways to get rid of Marcus Alvarez who has come back into town to help his mother after his abusive father up and disappeared out of town. Marcus is dating Sebastian’s daughter, Brittany, and she refuses to stop dating him. Sebastian and Marylee think if they bring back Hector, Marcus’ father, that Marcus and Hector will end up killing each other or at least end up in a fight which will put both of them in prison which will effectively eliminate Marcus from Brittany’s life. They don’t care that Hector is dangerous.

Meanwhile, Joanne is doing really well without Hector. She has blossomed and is working to take care of her family. She is starting to put her family back together and even getting Dakota to change her outlook on things.

There are lots of smaller storylines but the story basically all comes back to Ginny’s pregnancy, the senator and the threat of Hector coming back to town.

I had a huge problem with how the people of Storm reacted or didn’t react to what happened when Hector came back into town. The man comes in and drags his wife out of a building to his car. He drags her so forcefully that she falls and then he yanks her up while berating her. Everyone in the town square just watched and did nothing. I mean, I could see this happening in the 1950s or even the 1960s but not in the 21st century. There are laws now that have put in place for the protection against abusive partners. In fact, if the abused person does not press charges against an abusive partner and it is obvious that it was abuse, the state presses charges. This town just seemed very backwards in everything. I would not want to live there with all its gossip and how judgmental everyone seems to be. Maybe it is just my wishful thinking that people would come to the rescue of an abused woman or at least call the police. It just seemed unrealistic.

Overall, the series was pretty good. Each episode was pretty short so I went through it quickly.




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