Rising Storm, Season One Bundle – Various Authors

This series is written as an ongoing soap opera by a collaboration of authors who wanted to do a project together. I wouldn’t have read anything like this but a few of my favorite authors wrote part of the series and the entire bundle of the first season was only ninety-nine cents.

The story is about a bunch of people in a small town called Storm in Texas. The characters include a whole range of small town folk.

It starts out with a twenty-something year old college girl named Ginny and her childhood friend, Jacob, coming home for summer break from college on a stormy night. A deer runs out in front of the car and they wreck. Jacob ends up dead and Ginny ends up in the hospital. When she wakes up, the doctor tells her she is nine weeks pregnant. Although she had slept with Jacob on a whim one drunken night, she had also been having an affair with the senator, Sebastian Rush. The affair was over now. She sees how devastated Jacob’s parents are and decides to give them hope by telling them she is pregnant and the baby is Jacobs.

Ginny knows the baby just as well could be the senator’s but she hopes against all that is good that the baby is Jacobs. She knows if anyone finds out that she had an affair with the senator that it could ruin her life. After all, her best friend is the senator’s daughter.

Sebastian Rush, the senator who makes Storm his home when he isn’t in Austin, is a sleaze who sleeps with tons of young women and then just tosses them to the side when he is done with them.

There are lots of other storylines, just as in any soap opera, going on. There is Joanne Alvarez who is obviously the abused wife of Hector Alvarez but she always makes excuses for her injuries when she ends up in the emergency room. The Sheriff, Dillon Murphy, knows this and tries to get Joanne to admit it but she sticks up for her husband and lies to protect him. Joanne thinks she is protecting herself and her children by doing so but her children suffer. Their son Marcus left town years ago to get away from the abuse. Their daughter Dakota turns a blind eye to what her father does and has turned out pretty trashy. Their youngest daughter, Mallory, is the only one who seems to have turned out pretty good thanks to good friends.

Each chapter or book of the series is written by a different author and I tried to see if I could catch the difference in their writing styles but I really couldn’t find a difference. It was subtle and the authors kept the character’s personality consistent throughout the season. I thought that was pretty impressive.

I do have to say that I did get a little frustrated about certain aspects of Storm like how everyone seemed extremely judgmental and cared about how other people would think of them. The townsfolk all gossiped loudly about others and they had really old fashioned views on things. Also, everyone just gossiped about an abused woman instead of trying to help her.

Even though there were no vampires or hulking Scottish men in kilts swing broadswords, the story was enjoyable.

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