Eighth Grave After Dark – Charley Davidson #8 – Darynda Jones

Charley Davidson is nine months pregnant, living at an abandoned convent because she has to live on hallowed ground so the hellhounds who are after her can’t get to her.

Special Agent Carson brings Charley a case of a missing teenager and asks Charley to work her magic to try to find the girl.

Cookie, Charley’s best friend, is getting married to Charley’s Uncle Bob on the lawn of the convent.

There are hundreds of ghosts gathering on the front lawn of the convent but none of them are talking to Charley. They just stand there like they are waiting for something.

Duff, a ghost who Charley used to think was adorable for his stutter and shy ways, is starting to creep her out with the weird things he says like wondering what would what would happen if someone pushed Charley outside the boundaries of the sanctified grounds and how he loses his stutter at times.

Mr. Wong, the ghost who used to hover in the corner of Charley’s apartment, is now hovering in a corner at the convent.

Charley’s father who is a ghost now covertly tells her there are spies for Satan watching her and now she has to figure out who are the spies while making sure Cookie has a wonderful wedding and trying to solve the missing girl case.

As always, I loved this book. There was a lot going on and there were a few surprises near the end of the book…some good for Charley and some not so good. You’ll have to read it to find out.

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