Sixth Grave on the Edge – Charley Davidson #6 – Darynda Jones

Charley Davidson has a lot on her plate in this book. Her father has left her stepmother which was long overdue but he has decided to go live on a sailboat even though he has never sailed a boat in his life. Her stepmother tells her that her father is up to something but Charley only half listens to her.

The naked elderly dead guy is still riding around in the passenger seat of her Jeep but he won’t talk so she doesn’t know how she can help him.

She has to try to get the soul of her client back from a demon called The Dealer who is an expert out of making deals and tricking people out of their souls.

Reyes, her lover and the son of Satan has asked her to marry him and she has to give him an answer soon. It drives me nuts that she is making Reyes wait for her answer.

She has to figure out a way to get her uncle and her best friend together since they are obviously into each other but both too stubborn to ask the other one out.

She is investigating a 30-year-old child abduction case for Special Agent Carson of the FBI but she already knows where the child is because he happens to be her boyfriend, Reyes. The case is turning out to be more complicated than she originally though.

Two guys in ski masks woke her up in the middle of the night and told her they have one of her friends and will kill them if she doesn’t find where a woman is who is witness protection. She can’t figure out which friend they are talking about. You would think that Charley would get better security for her apartment since she has had so many break-ins and was actually tortured once in her apartment.

There’s also the prophesy and some evil beings called The Twelve who are out to kill her.

And last but not least, she finally takes an interest in Mr. Wong, the ghost who has been hovering in the corner of her apartment since before she moved in. A couple of people have mentioned that he is powerful so she started looking at him closely like under his shirt where he is tattooed with strange symbols. Who or what is Mr. Wong really?

I’m loving the cast of characters in this series and this book introduces a demon called The Dealer who sounds intriguing. The story is also getting more complicated and complex. It is obvious that the author writes each book as a stand-alone because she gives a recap of the events which I find a little annoying but I understand it is necessary for new readers. But why do people start reading a book from the middle of a series when they can just start from the beginning?

This series has me hooked.

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