Seventh Grave and No Body – Charley Davidson #7 – Darynda Jones

Ugh! More dead children! I wish this author would try to refrain from having awful things happen to children. It is my biggest complaint about this series. In almost every book, she has small children ghosts who have died in some horrendous manner. It irks me beyond belief.

In this book, Charley is working on a cold case with Special Agent Carson. It seems like a five-person murder until Charley sees more ghosts around the murder site, all little girls. When Charley follows one little girl into the woods, she hears a blood-curdling growl. Charley knows it is a hellhound even before the little girl tells her that they were summoned and to run. Charley hightails it out of there.

Charley is the Grim Reaper but learning that she is way more than just a portal for souls to pass through and because of this Satan wants to kill her. Her friend, Garrett, is working on translating a prophesy that is written not only in an ancient language but also in code but the one thing they do know is that twelve hellhounds are after her and she has no idea how to kill them.

Her Uncle Bob has a case for her where people have been writing suicide notes but there is no body. They have just up and disappeared.

A frantic ghost named Lacey pleads with Charley to help her find her missing body which is no longer in the grave.

Charley can’t get ahold of her father. He won’t return her calls which is starting to worry her.

And Reyes, who never pays attention to other women, just put his back to her and blocked her from seeing the newswoman who was shamelessly flirting with him.

Oh! And I almost forgot. Charley is pregnant! We found out at the end of the last book.

Reyes gets mad at her at one point in the book because she keeps charging into dangerous situations without thinking about the consequences and she keeps trying to ditch him which is stupid because he is the one who saves her from 99% of the dangerous situations she gets herself into. He thinks her priorities are messed up and I had to agree with him.

I love how even though Charley is facing dangerous situations, she can still be sarcastic and funny. I especially like how she and her best friend, Cookie interact. The cast of characters are also lovable or despicable and fascinating. The story just keeps getting better.

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