Fifth Grave Past the Light – Charley Davidson #5 – Darynda Jones

Fifth Grave Past the Light

By Darynda Jones

Charley Davidson #5


Charley’s apartment is full of blonde female ghosts from all different ethnic backgrounds. Some of them looked like they may have died in the 1980s from the way they are dressed but none of them are talking. They are just scratching at the ground and the walls and scared out of their wits. They appear to be the victims of a serial killer. She doesn’t know why they have all shown up at once but she intends to find out.

I have a huge complaint about how the author always uses departed children. In almost every book, there is a child who died of some horrific crime or abuse. It’s heartbreaking and yet creepy at the same time. One of the blonde ghosts in Charley’s apartment is a seven-year old girl who is scratching under her bed. Charley is able to sleep with her doing that.

Chapter Three begins with a quip that says…667 The neighbor of the beast. I thought it was cute until I realized that 667 would be across the street not next door. Just had to point that out.

Charley suspects her boyfriend’s sister, Kim Millar of being the arsonist who has been burning down buildings because all of the buildings are addresses where Kim and Reyes lived with their abusive father, Earl Walker. Charley thinks Kim is burning down these buildings because Earl used to take humiliating pictures of Reyes and put them in the walls for some reason and Kim wants to get rid of the evidence to protect Reyes from any further humiliation.

The captain of the Albuquerque Police Department, Captain Eckert, has taken it upon himself to start following Charley around. She is afraid he will deem her to be a loon once he figures out that she speaks to dead people and block her from being a consultant with the department.

Another departed woman pops into her apartment and tells her where to find her body but this woman is a brunette. After investigating, Charley discovers the woman is actually alive but has dreams about people dying and those dreams come true.

Charley is also working a cheating husband case. Charley is always busy and she drinks lots of caffeine to get through her days.

Her friend Garrett who died for a few minutes before being brought back to life is researching a prophesy about Charley. When Garrett died, before he was resuscitated, he was sucked into Hell where Satan told him all kinds of things about Charley and Reyes. Of course, the devil lies so he has to sort the fiction from the truth but he thinks Reyes could be a danger to Charley. He’s found an old prophesy that says that Charley will amass an army and among them will be a warrior, a prophet, a scholar, a gatekeeper and a warden.

As always, this book was highly entertaining. Charley’s sarcastic attitude keeps me liking her even though I think she is off her rocker most of the time. Hopefully, the books continue to keep me interested. I think they will.

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