Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet – Charley Davidson – Darynda Jones

Charley has a serious case of PTSD from being tortured in her own home by Earl Walker. Reyes saved her and she has healed but she is afraid to even go outside of her apartment building. She has taking up extreme shopping from a shopping network on television and it has gotten out of hand…so much so that Cookie, her best friend and assistant, has cancelled all of her credit cards and bank cards and has started to dig through the boxes filling Charley’s apartment to return them.

With nothing else to do, Charley stares out the window and sees Reyes leaning against the building in front of her apartment, her father’s bar. Reyes was there one moment and gone the next like he dematerialized. Reyes is her love interest and the son of Satan but he’s not really evil. He has protected Charley her entire life even when she wasn’t aware of it. She decides to investigate what he is up to.

Outside, she meets a woman who wants her to investigate some bazaar events that have happened to her. The woman’s family says she is crazy but that only makes Charley believe the woman is telling the truth.

She finds Reyes illegally cage fighting in a Warehouse in a shady part of town. She also finds that he is living with Elaine, a woman who relentlessly stalked him while he was in prison. Charley is extremely hurt over it but tries not to show him. After all, she was the one to push him out of her life after she was tortured because Reyes used her as bait to catch Earl Walker.

While at the warehouse, a man possessed by a demon comes after Charley, trying to kill her. Reyes broke his neck but he just kept coming until Charley’s guardian, a departed Rottweiler named Artemis, attacks and kills the demon. Then another one comes after her. This one had possessed a young teenager.

This series has accumulated quite a large cast of characters and ongoing stories so if I don’t write up a summary of events as soon as I complete it, I get a little confused at what happened in which book. It’s a good thing I keep notes.

Sister Mary Elizabeth hears the angels talking. She keeps Charley up to date on what they say. Hedeshi is a demon inhabiting a human’s body who tells her things about Reyes, trying to get her to join Satan’s team. Yeah…right…like that is going to happen. Rocket is a ghost who died in the 1950s who inhabits an old mental asylum. He knows the names of everyone who has died and he writes them down on the walls. Charley uses the information in her detective work. Donavan is a leader of a biker gang who lives next door to the asylum. They get Charley caught up in their drama which causes a lot of problems. Charley is attracted to Donavan which pisses me off because she knows Reyes lives and breathes for her. The cast of characters are interesting and ever-growing.

Oh…and Charley’s dad seems to have gone off his rocker. Charley hasn’t spoken to him because he had her arrested while she was in the hospital recovering from her torture. He does something in this book that is even crazier.

As the saying goes, “the plot thickens.”

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