Third Grave Dead Ahead – Charley Davidson #3 – Darynda Jones

I cried two times in this book. I can’t say what happened because it would spoil the book but I just wanted to give fair warning that this book conjured up greater emotions than the two previous books. At one point, I wanted to slap Charley because I was so mad at her.

In the last book, Reyes tried to kill his corporal body because he thought it made him weak and slow, not to mention the fact that demons were using his body to locate Charley. Charley bound him which meant he could no longer leave his body as a separate entity unless she summoned him. She learned that she has a lot more powers than she thought she did. She thought she was just the grim reaper who could see and communicate with the departed, letting them pass through her as a portal to heaven when they were ready to go.

After Reyes healed from the torture he endured from the demons, he was taken back to prison. He refused to see Charley because he was so angry at her for binding him. She has since tried to unbind him but it didn’t work.

In this book, Charley is sleep deprived. She refuses to sleep because every time she falls asleep, Reyes shows up in his alternate form. They usually have angry sex which is kind of disturbing. I don’t understand why she just doesn’t face him. Anyway, she goes around sleep deprived throughout the book.

Reyes escapes prison. He solicits her help to find Earl Walker, the man he is accused of murdering and the man who raised him. She finds out that Earl set Reyes up for his murder. The police used dental records provided to them by the dental office where Earl’s girlfriend worked. She had switched the records but the girlfriend conveniently turned up dead so nobody could prove she did it.

Charley is also working a case to find a missing woman who Charley is sure has met with foul play but just to make sure, she goes to her friend Rocket’s home to ask him. Rocket is a ghost who probably died in the 1950s in the mental asylum that he now haunts. He is a special kind of ghost though and knows the names of everyone who has died. He writes their names on the walls of the dilapidated asylum. Charley has to sneak in to see him because the asylum is owned by a biker gang who has Rottweilers who guard the outside of the building.

This time, as she is trying to shimmy through a basement window, she gets caught by one of the Rottweilers who ends up just drooling on her but the biker gang leader is there along with some of his buddies. Charley ends up befriending the group.

I love Charley’s personality for the most part but her callous behavior towards Reyes bugs me. He has done nothing but protect her throughout her life and it is obvious that he is in love with her. He doesn’t hide it at all but she blows him off most of the time like he isn’t worth her time. She also flirts with other guys and even thinks about having sex with them. It irks me and I’m starting to not like her because of it.

This book was so compelling that I hurried and downloaded the next book and started reading. I need to go to CDA, Charley Davidson Anonymous to help me with my addiction.

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