Second Grave on the Left – Charley Davidson #2 – Darynda Jones

Charley Davidson is a private investigator who can see and speak to ghosts. She is also a consultant for the Albuquerque Police Department under her Uncle Bob.

Charley has a lot on her plate in this book. She has to find a missing woman and find who is trying to kill her…the woman not Charley…although plenty of people seem to be trying to kill Charley too. Charley’s best friend, Cookie, has a ghost in her trunk and Charley wants to solve his murder because Cookie is freaked out that there is a ghost in her car. And Reyes, Charley’s love interest who has disappeared from jail appears to her in his alternate form and tells her that his physical body is being tortured by demons. He refuses to tell her where his body is because he is afraid the demons will find her.

Reyes also known as Rey’aziel or Satan’s son is a complicated character. He has saved Charley from certain death many times over her lifetime yet Charley is still not quite certain if she totally trusts him. He tells her that because she is the grim reaper that she is a portal to heaven and Satan and his minions want her. They can’t find her right now but they know that her weakness is Reyes so he won’t tell her where to find his body because he doesn’t want her to be found. But Charley doesn’t want his physical body to die because without it, he could lose his humanity and become evil.

Charley is hilarious most of the time. She is a total smartass and isn’t afraid of anyone except for Reyes. Sometimes, I get a little irritated with her attitude but find myself laughing quite a bit even though a lot of the subject matter is serious.

I have definitely found a good series to read and plan to keep reading it.

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