DRAGONMARK – Dark-Hunter #26 – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark Hunter #26, Dragons Rising #1, Lords of Avalon #5

I usually am blown away by almost all of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s series except the Lords of Avalon series which I didn’t even know existed for the longest time because she wrote the series under the pseudonym of Kinley MacGregor. I’m not really sure what I didn’t like about it but I just was not that into it. I wasn’t so blown away by this book either. Don’t get me wrong! This was a great book but it just didn’t live up to the usual awesomeness of a Sherrilyn Kenyon book. I guess it is kind of unfair to her to rate this book lower than perfect just because I’ve grown to expect perfection from Sherrilyn.

This story still evoked a lot of emotions from me which is a good thing. It was a story of love and loss where the hero has to choose between having what he wants most in life or saving the world from destruction.

A lot of the story was about Morgen Le Fey, the evil queen of Camelot which ties into Sherrilyn’s Lords of Avalon series.

I would try to give a summary of the book but it was way too long and complicated to explain fully without writing pages and pages and maybe giving out spoilers. I can say that the book might have been a lot shorter if there wasn’t so much of previous book’s story’s included in this book. There were chapters of other books just inserted into this story. I mean, word for word like cut and pasted into this book. Sherrilyn put out a statement that explained that she did this because she felt it was pertinent to this story but I think she could have summarized it and it and we could have got the gist of it just as well.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and I look forward to the next book in the series.

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