Undead and Unwed – Undead #1 – MaryJanice Davidson

Completed August 28, 2016

 This book is just what I needed. After reading a series that was mostly devoid of humor and way too serious, I went searching for something lighthearted and cheesy and I found it. I belly-laughed until I peed my pants many times throughout this book. It’s hilarious!

Betsy was not having a good day. She woke up late for work. Her bus was late and then she sat on gum. When she got to work, she and all the other administrative personnel were laid off. When she got home, a freak snow storm hit. She went to go get her cat out of the middle of the road, was hit by a car and died.

Things just got worse after she died. She woke up in an ugly cheap pink suit and cheap shoes. She figured her step-mom was responsible for her awful wardrobe She figured she was probably a zombie or something awful like that so she tried to kill herself in many fun and amusing ways that didn’t work. Finally, she figured out that she was a vampire which was way better than a zombie in her book but not much.

Six months before her death, she was attacked by something resembling humans who bit her and then ran off. That is what probably made her turn into a vampire when she died.

Then she abducted by some lunatic vampire who wants her to kneel and become his subject and when he isn’t able to control her he seems perplexed. She is told that she is the foretold Vampire Queen which she thinks is just ludicrous but as she gets more and more into the vampire world, it gets harder and harder to deny.

I loved this book. I don’t know how to describe Betsy. She’s tall and blonde, an ex-model turned administrative assistant who loves expensive shoes. She isn’t dumb but she isn’t the brightest crayon in the box either. She seems to run into problem after problem and sometimes seems even a little vain but loveable at the same time.

I’ll have to make sure I keep my bladder emptied while I read the next book because if it is anything like this book, I am sure I will be laughing a lot.

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