Blood and Company – Briar’s Daughter #2 – D. M. Nash

I think this book was even better than the first, probably because it had a little more humor in it and I am getting to know the characters a little better.

The Association, an organization that regulates the actions of supernatural beings by sending hunters after them if they get out of control, makes it official for Catherine’s best friend Becca to become an Insider. An insider is someone who knows about supernatural beings and the Association who helps out certain hunters. Catherine Briar, the book’s protagonist, is not yet an official hunter but she will be when she graduates high school. Her father, Ray Briar, is one of the best hunters the Association has and the supernaturals know it.

Catherine’s father does not like vampires at all so after he gets called away on a dispute between vampires, so she is confused when a trio of vampires contacts her and tells her that her father sent them to stay at her home while he is away. They have the right code words so she agrees to let them stay but she keeps on high alert.

Meanwhile, she has regular teenage stuff to deal with like being asked to winter formal by a friend, a cute friend, and figuring out what to wear to that dance.

The guy she really likes though is Richard, a vampire, but he basically rejected her a couple of months ago when she last saw him. He shows up and tells her that her dad is on blackout and cannot have contact with anyone outside the Association right now but sent him to watch over her while he is gone. He tells her that only one of the vampires was sent by her father. He knew nothing of the two females who accompanied him.

Things heat up when Catherine and Becca notice they are being followed as they are driving to the mall an hour away from their small town. Becca, who says she is psychic, does not feel that the person following them is friendly. In fact, she thinks he might be crazy. Wonderful!

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