Blood and Black Suits – Briar’s Daughter #1 – D. M. Nash

Before I begin the actual review, I have to point out how similar the book cover design of this book is to the series that I just finished reading A Shade of Vampire.

The author asked me if I would read his/her book and review it so I did.

I have to admit that I enjoyed it. I used to steer away from the YA paranormal romance genre because I didn’t think I could relate to teenagers or take any teenage relationship seriously but I have started to read more and more of them if the teenage characters are exceptionally mature and I don’t have to put up with high school drama. I can usually tell pretty early on in the book if it is too young for my tastes or not.

This book was about a sixteen-year old girl named Catherine whose father is a hunter of supernatural creatures so her life is a bit different than other teenager’s lives. She has to, of course, keep her dad’s job secret from people and her family has moved around a lot. Her mother died when she was fairly young and her older sister is away at college so now it is just her and her dad.

When her dad tells her that he thinks it is time they move again, she isn’t on board with it. She really likes this town and has established relationships with people with whom she doesn’t want to leave like her best friend Becca but also because she has met a vampire named Richard who she has developed feelings for. Unfortunately, she isn’t real sure if Richard returns those feelings for her.

Her father tells her that there is a huge threat to the entire town by something known as Black Suits. They look like human men wearing black suits and sunglasses who go around knocking on doors and questioning people to death. He has never actually encountered these creatures before now and even the agency he works for isn’t even sure they exist but two other hunters have told him about them and he heard that these Black Suits once wiped out an entire town in Texas so he is pretty nervous about this new threat. He lets her decide if they should stay and fight them or leave.

I think the storyline was original and the main character, Catherine, was mature enough that I was able to relate to her without thinking I had a huge generation gap. The only thing I think the book lacked was humor. I only remember kind of laughing in one spot. Other than that, the book was really enjoyable. I liked it enough that I bought the second book in the series.

I have to add one little thing that is driving me nuts. It has nothing to do with the actual book or I guess it does a little. The book was written in the first-person POV with Catherine telling the story but I kept thinking that Catherine sometimes thinks more like a guy than a girl so I decided to look up the author to see what gender he/she was. But even after looking at the Facebook page and a few other sites like Amazon and Goodreads, I could not figure it out. I can only assume this author does not want anyone to know who he/she really is. It’s a mystery!



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