A Break of Day – A Shade of Vampire #7 – Bella Forrest

This was supposed to be the finale for the series. This book did answer all unanswered questions and wrap most everything up so if you wanted to quit reading the series, you could but there are a lot more books in the series.

In the last book, Sofia had given birth to her twins but Kiev had stolen the boy, Ben and nobody knows where he took the baby.

In this book, Sofia wakes up as a vampire. Wait! What? I thought the whole idea of her being an Immune was that she was immune to becoming a vampire. I was confused but I guess when Immunes are taken to Cruor, the realm of the evil invisible vampires called the Elders, their immune system breaks down which allows them to become vampires. This twist bugged me but it is what it is. The author can do whatever she pleases. It doesn’t mean I have to like it though.

An Elder possesses Sofia and she runs around causing problems. She shows up in Costa Rica where Derek has their baby girl, Rose. She is acting weird and saying things that don’t make sense but Derek doesn’t even notice. I started calling her Elfia because she was a mix between an elder and herself.

The Elders have taken of the Shade and have possessed a lot of the vampires on the Shade. Elders don’t have bodies so they have to possess someone to do their evil deeds.

This book was really confusing because the author was purposely holding back information. I hate that but everything was explained in the end.

The series continues after this book but there is a three book spin-off series called A Shade of Kiev that I have to read. Out of all the characters in this series, Kiev is the one who intrigued me the most. Even if I don’t read any more of this series, I have to read the three about Kiev.



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