Some Girls Bite – Chicagoland Vampires #1 – Chloe Neill

I have read so many paranormal romance and vampire books that my choices are starting to be limited for new authors and series. Unfortunately, I think I have read most of the extraordinary series and have been left with authors who have no real talent or ideas of their own but have decided to take advantage of the popularity of the genre just to make a few bucks. This might be one of those authors.

This book wasn’t all bad. In fact, I saw enough potential in it that I bought the second book to see where the story was going but was sorely disappointed in the end. I liked how vampires had just announced themselves to the world and that they had an organized governing system but, of course, that seems to be in a lot of vampire books – vampires have some sort of vampire council made up of old and powerful vampires who are out of touch with humans so they make antiquated decisions. I liked that there were other non-human beings like shifters, nymphs and sorcerers and I liked the secondary characters who were a lot more interesting and had a lot better personalities than the protagonist, Merit.

I struggled reading the book because, like I mentioned above, the main character, Merit, had no personality. I abhor when authors try to create a strong female personality by making her petulant and argumentative. Not only was Merit testy but she was also immature and only worried about her own needs. She was on the verge of turning 28 years old but she talked and thought like she was in her teens. One of the things that drove me nuts was the way she referred to men and women as “boys and girls”. The first few times she did this, I thought it was a joke or something she did to be cute but it was consistent throughout the book. She also referred to Ethan as being a “good kisser” something a teenager would say. It was annoying!

The biggest problem I had with this book was Ethan…or maybe not Ethan himself but Merit’s obsession with him. She reminds me of an unpopular girl in high school who has a crush on the quarterback just because he is cute and popular. The kind of girl who does his homework and lets him treat her like he doesn’t know her in front of his friends just because he smiles at her when no one is looking and says she’s pretty once in a while. She is attracted to him and wants him even though he is a jerk who puts his self-interests before her at every turn. I’m not talking about the typical hold-myself-back-from-her-because-it’s-best-for-her thing that we see a lot in romance books, I’m talking outright being an outright dickwad. Ethan asks Merit to be his mistress or consort in front of his current mistress, Amber, which I thought was tacky and uncouth. He basically tells Merit in front of Amber that Amber is disposable because he is more attracted to Merit but he makes sure to let her know that he doesn’t want to be attracted to her since she is lacking somehow. He hates her fashion sense and her disrespectful attitude but then again, so do I. Merit walks in on him doggy-styling Amber and when he sees her, he speaks to her in her head telepathically while still going at it with Amber. He’s a pig! But Merit still has the hots for him even though she keeps denying it. She’s pathetic.

The plot was predictable and unimaginative but I thought maybe the author made Merit like this on purpose and is going to show character growth in future books of the series. I mean, the series has at least 13 books so someone must have liked them…Right? But I’ve hoped for this before from another series, Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter by Laurell K. Hamilton. I read the series for way too long, hoping for the main character to become more likeable but instead she developed into a narcissistic sex-addicted sociopath. I hope this author doesn’t go that route.

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