Blood Vengeance – Blood Curse #7 – Tessa Dawn

I have to say that I kind of knew Ramsey and Tiffany would end up together or I deduced that Tiffany would end up with either Ramsey or the other sentinel, Julien but I guess that is because they were really the only two men left of the regular background characters in this series. I guess Tessa Dawn could have introduced new characters or not have given Tiffany her own story at all but I figured or, at least, hoped she would. I am glad she did.

Tiffany is the best friend of Brooke, who is the wife of the Vampyr King. They were featured in a previous book. Tiffany moved to Dark Moon Vale 14 months ago and is aware of the Vampyr and how they mate so when the omen of the Blood Moon shows that she is destined to be the mate of Ramsey, one of the king’s sentinels, she wants no part of it. She knows that Vampyr males, especially Ramsey, are overbearing, overprotective and over-testosteroned.

Ramsey always gets what he wants and he is not going to let Tiffany get away but he is a little baffled by why Tiffany doesn’t want to be his mate. He’s kind of a brute and Tiffany knows how to put him in his place. She cracked me up with some of her tactics.

Salvatore is at it again. He’s an evil vampire who will do anything to destroy the good guys. He’s met a psycho human woman who he has promised immortality to if she agrees to go along with his evil plan to kidnap the king’s child by tricking Tiffany.

This book had some really twisted stuff in and some of it was hard to read. It just made me wish someone would hurry up and kill Salvatore. I’m sick of him getting away with all his evil.

I enjoyed this book and from the sneak peek at the end of the book, we know that the next book is about Julien, the heroin addicted Vampyr. That should be interesting.

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