Blood Father – Blood Curse #6 – Tessa Dawn

I read this back in April but I am just now getting around to writing the review.

This series has been good so far and continues to interest me. The series is about a curse that began in 800 BC in Romania after a psychotic prince, Prince Jaegar Demir, had executed all the females of his race, a race who were descended from celestial gods. After slaughtering all of the females, their blood rose up and cursed the prince and his descendants with being evil vampires, never to walk in the sun again.

The Curse

They shall never know the love of a female.

They shall never produce a female offspring.

Their sons will be born in sets of twins, both born of darkness (evil) and the firstborn son of the first set of twins shall be sacrificed for atonement. Failure to sacrifice that son will lead to horrible and agonizing death.

The human host who carries the child will die painfully upon giving birth.

They shall be creatures of the night never entering daylight lest they be killed.

They shall have to ingest blood in order to live.

The mad prince’s twin brother, Prince Jadon Demir, who had tried to save the females but ultimately failed, begged for clemency so he and his descendants received 4 mercies from Blood Curse.

They still be able to walk in the light.

Although they still have to drink blood to live, they do not have to take the life of the person who they feed from.

They shall receive one opportunity to receive a mate and the sign will be shown in the heavens.

They shall still have sets of twins but the first set will have one born of darkness and one born of the light. The twin born of the darkness will have to be sacrificed. Any set of twins born afterwards will both be born of the light.


The series mainly follows a group of four brothers. In the last book, they discovered that their father, who they believed had died hundreds of years ago, was alive but enslaved on another realm ruled by Werewolves.

In this book, they open a portal and enter the realm of Mhier to rescue their father. On their trek, they encounter a human woman named Arielle Nightsong. She was enslaved most of her life to the Werewolves. When the evil Werewolf king decided that she would be his next wife, she escaped and joined a group of rebels. The brothers learn that Arielle was enslaved with their father and she thinks of him as her father also because he was so good to her. She agrees to go with them to help rescue him.

Kagen, one of the brothers, became immediately possessive of Arielle. I thought it was a little disturbing but all of male characters were like that when they met their mates in previous books of this series so it lessened the creep-factor a bit. If some man became immediately possessive and obsessive with me, I would have got the hell outta Dodge because that is one of the big signs of an abuser but in the world of vampires, it is the norm and they become protective not abusive.

Even though the males tend to be overbearing in this series, the plot of this book was actually pretty good. I liked the addition of the Werewolves to the story but I still want to see what happens with the evil vampires back in the other realm.

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