Raphael – Vampires in America #1 – D.B. Reynolds

Cynthia Leighton is a private investigator in Malibu, California. When she is hired by one of the most powerful vampires in America to investigate the kidnapping of one of his people, her life changes forever.

I liked this book and I liked the background characters but I just could not get into Raphael and Cynthia. They both seemed pretty into themselves and the only attraction between them was lust.

I thought Raphael was a total ruthless dick. The author goes through pains to show that Raphael is a powerful kingpin. In one scene, one of his security men who had worked for Raphael for over 200 years screwed up so Raphael killed him without a second thought. In another, one of Raphael’s vampires tells Cynthia over and over to make sure she calls Raphael “my lord” like maybe Raphael is out of touch with humans and totally wrapped up into his own feudal vampire system. He also thinks of humans as cattle and stupid.

In another scene, Raphael goes into a blood house, a house where beautiful humans go to basically have sex with vampires for the euphoric feel they get from being bitten, and he manhandles some poor woman who is there. He grabbed her and took her into a room. He sank his teeth into her and then threw her face first onto the bed and would have had sex with her but couldn’t because he really wanted Cynthia instead.

After Cynthia didn’t get down on her knees and beg him to have sex with her, he got pissy. Here is what the author wrote – His private thoughts raged at the human female and his own timidity in dealing with her. Why did he care if she accepted him? Why not simply take her as was his right?

I liked Cynthia well enough but why do authors of paranormal books always have to make women go off on their own and try to prove themselves? If a bunch of vampires with super strength and other supernatural powers were going to go into a fight, I am smart enough to know to stay out of it and let them do their thing. Cynthia was one of those female characters who had to be badass and prove herself.

I’m going to go ahead and spoil the end of this book for you. There really was no end. The author wrote to be continued at the end of the book which kind of irritated me. But the worse part of all is that I liked the secondary characters so much that I purchased the next book. What can I say? I’m desperate and really need a new series to read.

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