Dead of Winter – The Arcana Chronicles #3 – Kresley Cole

Although I really love this series, I do not like the love triangle that it has turned into. In the last book, Evie was kidnapped by her enemy, Death, but ended up having deep feelings for him even though she still loves Jackson too. At the end of the book, she heard that the Lovers had abducted Jackson so she used her powers to put Death into a sleep to escape him to go save Jackson.

The series is about a bunch of young adults who have been thrown into a game…or rather reincarnated to play a game over and over. They are not reincarnated ever generation, not even every other generation. It could be hundreds of years before they are reincarnated and the families hand down the knowledge about the game. Each teenager is the equivalent of a Major Arcana or trump card of a Tarot deck. I believe there are 22 in all. They each have special powers and weaknesses. Unfortunately, Evie’s mother refused to believe in any of the things that Evie’s grandmother tried to teach her and when Evie was only 8 years old, her mother had her grandmother locked away into an institution so Evie was not prepared when the game began.

There was something called the Flash where the sun flashed brightly and killed any living thing in its path and dried out all bodies of water. The surviving humans are dying or being killed rapidly because of all the new dangers in the world. One of those dangers is the army run by a crazy man who, instead of wanting to bring order to the world, is just out to grab up all the resources and terrorize people. His twin children are part of the game, the Lovers, and they are psycho. They abduct people and torture them.

The weather has changed from hot and dry to cold and rainy. All it does is rain. Matthew warns that the rain is better than the snow that will soon come.

Evie has to work with or ally herself with a bunch of other Arcana to first save Jackson from the evil twins and then Selena who is the Archer. Matthew, the Fool who sees the future, tells Evie that she, Jackson and Death have to travel alone to save Evie. Jackson and Death hate each other and are rivals for Evie’s love so they may kill each other before they rescue Selena.

There are new threats in the game too. Matthew tells Evie, “Beware of the inactivated card.” Whatever that means. I kept on wondering if that could be Jackson but nothing else was mentioned about it so I just kind of forgot about it. The Priestess Ruler of the Deep, Circe Ramire, has introduced herself to Evie. She controls water but Evie isn’t sure if she is friend or foe. Then there is the Emperor who can make earth quakes and reshape mountains and landscapes. Death has warned Evie that he definitely is not a friend.

It was an eventful and adventurous book and like the previous two books in the series, I gobbled it up. I just wish the love triangle would end. I’m voting for Jackson even though I like Death.

I’m not going to give anything up but the end of this book was a SHOCKER. I’m still zinging from it.

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