Poison Princess – The Arcana Chronicles #1 -Kresley Cole

This is the most deliciously addictive series that I have read in a very long time. I have had this book for years but have never gotten around to reading it, probably because I read that is it for Young Adults and I thought that meant, at the very worst, Nickolodean or Disney Channel or, at the very best, high school girls worried about their popularity and vying to be top cheerleader. Boy, was I wrong. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is really stretching the YA genre. That is not a criticism by far because I would have put the book down if it had been too teenagery. It was not at all. In fact, it was dark yet still had Kresley Cole’s signature sarcastic humor in it. I could not put the book down. I read it until I saw light coming through my curtains and only stopped reading because of exhaustion.

The cast does consist of teenagers but these kids have way more important things to worry about than who gets to be popular or not.

Evangeline or Evie has been having visions and nightmares. She also hears voices speaking to her. Her mom sent her to a psychiatric hospital during the summer because of it but Evie is now back home and ready to go back to school. None of her friends know where she was for the summer, not even her boyfriend Brandon. Nobody really questioned her because all of her friends went away for the summer as all rich kids do during the summer.

She is still having visions, nightmares and hearing voices but she thinks she can just ignore them and hold on for two more years until she finishes school and keep her mom from throwing her into the mental hospital again. She loves school and everyone there loves her so everything should go smooth for her. She is wrong.

There are new kids from the swamps starting at her school…Cajuns. One of them, Jackson Deveaux, keeps staring at her like he hates her but also wants to eat her up at the same time. She is unnerved by it because she is strangely attracted to him even though she has the perfect boyfriend.

Meanwhile, her visions and nightmares are getting worse. Weird things are happening to her and she cannot tell a soul so she draws it all in her secret journal.

There are some spoilers below.

When disaster strikes, she turns to Jackson to help her on her journey to discover what is going on with her.

I liked Jackson even though I felt like a pervert for thinking he was so hot and his Cajun accent was so sexy. I liked how he pushed Evie’s buttons because she needed to be pushed a little because she had been way too pampered in her life. The tension between them was palpable.

When I finally figured out what was happening in the book, I got really excited. I love the premise and plotline. Evie has been thrown into a post-apocalyptic world where she is pitted against 21 other teenagers or young adults. The players are all characters from the trump cards of a Tarot deck and only one will be standing at the end. They have to kill each other. Her greatest enemy is the Death Card who is gunning for her more than anyone else. She has to make alliances in order to survive.

She decides to travel from Louisiana to North Carolina to find her grandmother, if she is alive, who knows everything about this sick game but there are more than just the other players as obstacles. There is very little water or plant life left in the world and there now humans who have been transformed into bloodsucking mutants who crave water and blood but never quench their thirst. There are also militant groups taking over everything and they are abducting any female out there because not many females survived the Flash (A flash of light like a solar flare that turned anyone who was outdoors into ash). She has a long road ahead of her.

I have already started the second book and I’m loving it.

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