Z – Demonica Series #11.8 in 1001 Dark Nights – Larissa Ione

This book was too short. I enjoyed it so much that I was disappointed when I read it in less than a day. Larissa Ione does such a marvelous job of making me love her flawed and quirky characters that I feel like I know them and am right there alongside of them. Z and Vex’s story was no different.

But first, I must go on a little rant.

I have no idea how someone figures that a book is numbered 11.8 as opposed to 11.5. I can only guess that it is because this is the third short novella since the last full novel which was Revenant but the first one which was also included in the 1001 Dark Nights series was Hades which the Larissa Ione numbered 11.5. Why did Hades get a half a number but Base Instincts and Z only got 2/10th of a number? Just wondering? I know it is a stupid thing to wonder about but for some reason these things bug me when others don’t even notice them.

Rant over.

Zhubaal works for Azagoth aka the Grim Reaper. A century ago, his beloved Laura was killed. He made a vow to her to always love her and be loyal to her and to find her even after death. He knows her soul was reincarnated decades ago and has been searching for her ever since.

Vex is a magnet for demon souls. If she is near them when they die, she absorbs them. She used to make good money off of them, selling them on the black market to demons who could remove them from her but since Revenant has taken over the Underworld, he’s made it almost impossible because he has been severely punishing soul reapers except for Azagoth so she decides to go make a deal with Azagoth to get the souls she currently possesses out of her before one of them, one that seems to be very powerful and super evil, possesses her.

When Z meets Vex, he can feel that one of the souls she has within her is Laura’s soul. He wants to keep track of where Laura’s soul goes this time so he can be reunited with her when she is reincarnated again but things get complicated when Azagoth has trouble pulling out the powerful soul. He may not be able to do it without destroying Vex and Laura.

Z realizes that he is attracted to Vex and feels guilty because he has made a vow to Laura and has remained a virgin. I had my suspicions that maybe Vex’s soul was actually Laura’s reincarnated soul but neither Vex nor Z though about that. Z constantly compared Vex and Laura to each other and I have to say that Laura sounded really boring and mediocre. I mean, she was supposed to be a warrior angel and couldn’t even fight well. I liked Vex’s spunkiness a lot better.

As I mentioned before, I was bummed when the book ended so soon. I wonder who will be the subject of the next Demonica book.

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