The Darkest Torment – Lords of the Underworld #12 – Gena Showalter

Baden was one of the original Lords of the Underworld but he was beheaded and sent to another realm where he lived for thousands of years with only Pandora for company. Pandora made his life miserable but that was better than not feeling anything at all.

Now, Baden is back in the realm of the humans with the help of Hades who put some kind of weird serpent bands or wreaths on his arms to keep him sentient. There are a few drawbacks to this, however. He is now Hades’ servant and has to do whatever he demands. Hades is at war with his son, Lucifer, for the control of the Underworld. He sends Baden out on missions that will help him in that endeavor. The wreaths come with some kind of monster called Destruction who is trying to control Baden which makes Baden violent and uncontrollable at times. And Pandora also got herself a pair of armbands and is doing Hades’ bidding. Hades has turned it into a competition. They get points for successful missions and whoever receives the most points will get to continue living. Fun!

On one mission, Baden has to get a coin from a Russian Mobster named Aleksander Ciernik. The coin is rumored to grant the holder a wish from Hades or rather Hades has to do anything the holder asks. Baden and a couple of Lords of the Underworld friends confront the mobster in the middle of his wedding ceremony. Baden ends up taking Aleksander’s bride as incentive for Aleksander to give up the coin but Aleksander only thinks of Katarina as another one of his possessions. It’s going to take a lot more for him to give up the coin to Baden.

Katarina was forced into marrying Aleksander Ciernik. He took her three dogs who are like her family and he threatened to kill them unless she married him. I kept on thinking that Katarina was a better woman than me because I would have never married anyone because of an animal…my human children…but not my dogs but to each their own and all that.

Now, Katarina is a prisoner of man who is clearly not human and she is thrown into a world of supernatural beings and danger but the biggest threat is to her heart as she starts to fall in love with her captor.

I love this series, not only for the romance factor but for the other characters and ongoing storylines. There is William who, in the beginning when I first read about him, I thought was just some powerful egotistical supernatural being but have since learned that he is Hades’ son and he is the father of the four Horsemen of the Apocolypse. In this book, he abducts Gilly, who is a human girl who William cares for and he hides her from everyone because she is dying and he is desperately searching for a way to heal her. Apparently, Gilly is not totally human and the doctors tell William that she is dying because she is trying to morph into her immortality but her body is not handling it well. Hades tells him that the only way to save her is to bond with her and marry her. William refuses because of his curse that says that his mate or wife will be his destruction or something like that.

While William is off doing whatever William does, someone named Pukinn or Puck comes to visit Gilly and tells her that he will bond with her to save her if she wants to but he will want to be a true husband and wife which will involve sex, something Gilly does not want since she was abused by her step-father and step-brothers.

Another storyline that was barely touched upon but is interesting none the less is the story of Cameo and Lazarus. She was stuck in another realm with him for a while but since her demon is Misery, she can barely remember Lazarus but what she does remember, she thinks she may have felt happiness which is something she hasn’t felt in thousands of years.

I am looking forward to finding out what happens next in this series.

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