InVision – Chronicles of Nick #7 – Sherrilyn Kenyon

I think I should have re-read the series again or, at least, the previous book before I read this book because I was having trouble remembering what happened or who certain characters were. Sherrilyn Kenyon has written such a wonderfully complicated and complex series and has so much action packed into the books that I am having trouble keeping up with everything. Also, although this is a spinoff of the Dark-Hunter series, events have been changed because Nick has been forewarned about them by his future self so I get a little confused sometimes. And because I have read many books in the year since the last book came out, I just can’t remember everything. Besides stopping a few times to look up a few things, I loved this book.

I adore Nick with his Cajun drawl, smartass mouth, tacky Hawaiian shirts that his mom buys him and his loyalty and love for his friends and his mom. He cracks me up most of the time with all of his sarcastic remarks and his thoughts. He has such a heavy and dark load on his shoulders with trying to save the world from himself and all, yet he keeps a good or mostly good attitude towards life. He’s just an all-around great character.

A ton of stuff happened in this book. Let’s see if I can summarize it. Nick was devastated when his friend Zavid died in the last book but at the beginning of this book he discovered that Zavid was still alive in Azmodea, the underworld and, of course, he wants to go rescue him but he just can’t go march off and save his friend when he has to go to school and maintain the illusion of a normal teenage life. His mom has no clue that he is the Malachai demon or that his friends aren’t human or that his cat is really his great-grandfather and an ancient demon. He doesn’t think his mom could handle the truth so he hides it all from her. Plus, he is determined to beat his destiny and have a normal life.

Meanwhile, Noir is abducting all of Nick’s protectors which is making Nick weaker and Noir stronger. Dagon and Nashira went missing without Nick even noticing. He didn’t even realize anything was going on until Aeron disappeared. Nick starts feeling achy and sick which should mean that Noir is getting more powerful but when Jaden and Kaziel go to rescue Aeron and Zavid, they notice Noir is also weak. They are baffled. No being should be able to weaken the Malachai and Noir at the same time. They wonder if another Malachai is in play except there can only be one Malachai at a time.

As I mentioned, the plot and characters are complicated. I get so confused at who is related to whom so I started keeping a chart. I think I have most of it straight but I’m still not sure. I patched most of it together from this book. If you have not read the series, you won’t understand.

Xev is Nick’s great-grandfather on his mom’s side.

Jared is Xev’s son which makes him Cherise’s (Nick’s mom) real father. She was adopted so she has no clue about all of this.

Jaden is Xev and Caleb’s father but they have different mothers.

Azura is Xev’s mother.

Tiamet and Chronus are Jaden’s parents.

Apollymi is Jaden’s sister.

I hope I didn’t get anything wrong. One of greatest loves in genealogy but my ancestors are all dead. They aren’t gods, demons, or immortals who have lived thousands and thousands of years and still look like they are in their teens or 20s.

Sherrilyn Kenyon never disappoints me. She is a literary genius and keeps me wanting for more with all her series and books. She is still my favorite author and will probably always be. It will be hard to wait for the next book in this series.

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