Blood Shadows – Blood Curse #4 – Tessa Dawn

Nachari Silivasi saved his king but now he is stuck in the Valley of Death and Shadows, being tortured by evil demons. His brothers are keeping his body alive by machines hoping that he will return to it.

Deanna Dubois thinks she is going crazy because she keeps drawing scenes of the same man, scenes of him being tortured by hideous demons. In one of her drawings, she finds a location of Dark Moon Vale Clinic in Colorado and decides to go investigate her strange new obsession. Once she arrives, she is kidnapped by Nachari Silivasi’s brothers who tell her she is his destiny, a female of a certain bloodline who was predestined to be his mate.

At first, she thinks they are nuts but things keep happening that make her start to believe. There was the Bloodmoon where the sky and moon turned red and then there was a raven with green eyes who came to visit her while she sat with Nachari. While the raven stared at her, her favorite song Unchained Melody started to play.

Meanwhile, Salvatore, one of the evil vampires is still planning the brother’s and the king’s destruction. He sends Saber Alexiares to kill one of the brother’s destinies. We met Saber in a previous book of the series. He did something honorable which was a strange act for being one of the evil vampires. He saved Jocelyn’s life, a destiny of one of the brothers, because she saved his life in order for them to both escape from Lycans. He is supposedly pure evil but I think there might be something different about this character, maybe something redeemable. We’ll see.

I just love the way the author builds on the secondary characters while the main story is going strong. She makes me curious to read more about them. This is an excellent series so far and I’m sure it will continue to interest me.

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