Blood Redemption – Blood Curse #5 – Tessa Dawn

In the last book, Saber Alexiares tried to kill Kristina and Deanna Silivasi because he was ordered to by his leader, Salvatore. He was caught and imprisoned by the good vampires or descendants of Jadon and sentenced to death by sunlight at dawn. The bad vampires or Dark Ones as they are called in this series have been cursed and cannot go in sunlight or they will burn to death. The good vampires are able to walk in daylight. When daylight broke, he did not burn. The king ordered him imprisoned until he could figure out what went wrong.

It turns out that 800 years ago, Damien Alexiares stole Saber from his real parents, Rafael and Lorna Dzuna who were descendants of the good vampires. Damien bathed Saber in his own blood and the dark god S’nepres consecrated the baby by turning his hair red and black, like the males born to the house of Jaegar. For 800 years, Saber has been taught to be cruel and evil. After 800 years, can he be redeemed?

Vanya Demir is the sister of Jadon and Jaegar. She and her sister escaped before Jaegar could have them killed and the Blood Curse was imposed. They were thought dead but were put into a deep sleep for thousands of years. They were awoken in a previous book and have adapted to modern times quite well. Vanya moved to Romania to teach history and magic.

Vanya comes back to Dark Moon Vale because she has a dream about a dragon in a cave guarding treasure. It’s more complicated than that but that is the gist of it. The Bloodmoon occurs and she learns she is Saber’s Destiny, something that is as frightening to her as it is exciting.

I absolutely loved Vanya in this book. She is supposed to be this ancient and classy woman yet there is one scene where she does the trashiest thing ever. It cracked me up. She has a vision of Saber at a bar, picking up on a woman who looks like a prostitute. Vanya has Kristina drive her to the bar and confronts Saber who is baffled by her behavior since she has told him she wants nothing to do with him. The woman tries to interrupt and Vanya asks her, “Isn’t there some pole that you should be dancing around?” I died laughing but that wasn’t the worst part. Vanya then goes outside and slashes all of the tires on Saber’s vehicle before she leaves. Even Kristina, who is pretty much the epitome of white trash, jaw dropped open. It was hilarious.

I gobbled this book up. This is turning out to be an amazing series.

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