Blood Possession – Blood Curse #3 – Tessa Dawn

It is strange that I am such a paranormal romance fan yet I had never heard of this series before a few weeks ago. I follow a few authors on Facebook and saw that Lara Adrian had asked her fans what they were reading and loving so I read the responses and saw that someone was reading this series. A few people had replied and agreed that it was a great series so I looked it up. I downloaded the first book because it was free and it turned out to be a short prequel. It was so complex that I had to jot down notes to keep everything straight. I think more people should know about this series and it should be in the top 20 vampire or paranormal romance series, if not the top 10.

The series is about a curse that began in 800 BC in Romania after a psychotic prince, Prince Jaegar Demir, had executed all the females of his race, a race that was descended from celestial gods. After slaughtering all of the females, their blood rose up and cursed the prince and his descendants with being evil vampires, never to walk in the sun again.

The Curse

They shall never know the love of a female.

They shall never produce a female offspring.

Their sons will be born in sets of twins, both born of darkness (evil) and the firstborn son of the first set of twins shall be sacrificed for atonement. Failure to sacrifice that son will lead to horrible and agonizing death.

The human host who carries the child will die painfully upon giving birth.

They shall be creatures of the night never entering daylight lest they be killed.

They shall have to ingest blood in order to live.

The mad prince’s twin brother, Prince Jadon Demir, who had tried to save the females but ultimately failed, begged for clemency so he and his descendants received 4 mercies from Blood Curse.

They still be able to walk in the light.

Although they still have to drink blood to live, they do not have to take the life of the person who they feed from.

They shall receive one opportunity to receive a mate and the sign will be shown in the heavens.

They shall still have sets of twins but the first set will have one born of darkness and one born of the light. The twin born of the darkness will have to be sacrificed. Any set of twins born afterwards will both be born of the light.

The Blood Curse is pretty complicated…and a bit cruel. Those dead women were really blood thirsty and angry. They cursed all the males of the race, not just Jaegar and Jadon’s descendants. They cursed their followers too.

There are four brothers and a king who are key characters in this series.

Napolean Mondragon was only ten years old at the time of the Blood Curse. He watched as Jaegar viciously killed his father. He ran but the Blood Curse caught him and transformed him into a Vampire. He became the king of the house of Jadon…the good Vampyrs or Light Vampyrs. The descendants of Jaegar are known as the Dark Ones and are evil to the core.

Napolean meets his chosen destiny, a human who his mate. Brooke has a tortured past but has pulled herself up in the corporate world and is one of the best in her field. She is at a conference in Dark Moon Vale in the Colorado mountains when Napolean kidnaps her and tells her she is his destiny. She thinks he is crazy at first.

The Dark Ones have a plan to destroy Napolean, thus destroying all of the descendants of Jadon. Salvatore Nistor, a powerful Wizard for the Dark Ones, conjures up an apparition who looks like Napolean’s father. He thinks he can use the ghost to shame Napolean for not trying to save his father when Prince Jaegar killed him but his plan backfires when Brooke steps in and saves Napolean.

Salvatore and the council of the Dark Ones decide to summon Ademordna, the evil twin of Napolean’s celestial goddess Andromeda by sacrificing first born sons (well, actually the second born since all Dark Ones are born in sets of twins and the first born son is always taken by the Blood Curse) until the god appears and asking him to possess Napolean. They come up with an elaborate scheme and it works.

Now the brothers have to figure out a way to save Napolean but their plan involves actually killing Napolean and one of the brothers just for a few moments at the most but it could fail. It’s a very dangerous plan.

The bad guys in this series are REALLY bad. This author does not shy away from describing torture and rape which makes my stomach turn but she does evoke my hatred towards the bad guys with it.

I have already read the next book. I didn’t even stop to write the review on this book because I was so anxious to get to the next book in the series. Shame on me!

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