Blood Genesis -Blood Curse Book #0.5 – Tessa Dawn

This book is a short introduction to the series.

It begins in 800 B.C. in Romania. There are two princes, Jadon and Jaegar Demir, who are descended from Celestial beings. Jaegar has gone quite mad and believes that he needs to kill all females of his race so he can sit amongst the gods. Jadon and his followers try to stop Jaegar but Jaegar controls the kingdom’s military forces so Jadon has no way to overcome him.

The story is mostly from the point of view of the last female, Jessenia Groza, to be put to death. She’s in a cell awaiting her execution the following morning. Her lover Timaos Silivasi is barely clinging to life, hanging from chains in the same cell. She has a vision of what will become of her race. There will be a curse on all of the men and their descendants. She sees that the son of Sebastian and Katalina Mondragon is key to saving all that is good and holy of their race but she sees that Jaegar’s high priest will try to murder this ten-year-old boy. In order to save the boy, she must convince Timaos to denounce her and beg forgiveness of Jaegar and then after he saves the boy, turn around and pledge his fealty to Prince Jadon before the Blood Curse hits.

Jessenia also sees the five future children of Timaos, Marquis, Nathaniel, Kagen, Nachari and Shelby and knows that he will live on and learn to love again…if she can convince him to save himself.

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