Blood Destiny – Blood Curse #1 – Tessa Dawn

After Prince Jaegar Demir killed all the females of his race in 800 BC in Romania because he thought it would make him into a god, he and all his descendants were cursed by the blood of those females.


The Curse

They shall never know the love of a female.

They shall never produce a female offspring.

Their sons will be born in sets of twins, both born of darkness (evil) and the firstborn son of the first set of twins shall be sacrificed for atonement. Failure to sacrifice that son will lead to horrible and agonizing death.

The human host who carries the child will die painfully upon giving birth.

They shall be creatures of the night never entering daylight lest they be killed.

They shall have to ingest blood in order to live.

His brother, Prince Jadon Demir, who had tried to save the females but ultimately failed, begged for clemency so he and his descendants received 4 mercies from Blood Curse.

They still be able to walk in the light.

Although they still have to drink blood to live, they do not have to take the life of the person who they feed from.

They shall receive one opportunity to receive a mate and the sign will be shown in the heavens.

They shall still have sets of twins but the first set will have one born of darkness and one born of the light. The twin born of the darkness will have to be sacrificed. Any set of twins born afterwards will both be born of the light.


Present Day in Colorado

Shelby Silivasi has just been laid to rest. He died a miserable death after failing to produce a sacrifice within 30 days of meeting his destiny, Dalia. A destiny is the predestined mate of the descendants of Jadon. He saw the sign, the Blood Omen, in the sky but Valentine Nistir, a descendant of Jaegar or Dark One, stole her away before he could yield his sacrifice to the Blood Curse.

His four brothers are devastated. He was the youngest of them all yet he met his destiny first and then died first. They vow to never let this happen again and to seek revenge on Valentine.

The beginning of the book was a little vague in what actually happened but all my questions were answered as I read on. Once a descendant of Jadon aka Light One or Light Vampyr meets his destiny or rather sees the Blood Omen or Blood Moon with their celestial star sign, they have 30 days to produce a sacrifice. They have to actually turn the woman into a vampire first and then they can impregnate her. Gestation only takes 48 hours. Since their destinies are human and humans do not know about the existence of vampires, it takes a little convincing to get the woman to agree with all of this craziness. Shelby had not got the chance to explain it all to Dalia before Valentine stole her away.

Jocelyn Levi works for ICE, a department within Homeland Security. She is in the Eastern Rocky Mountains looking for a cave that an informant told her had been the site of ritualistic killings. She’s been working a case on human trafficking where women were turning up dead after being sold and used and she wonders if this has any connection to her case. Her informant had assured her that this cave is no longer in use so she is hiking up to investigate alone. Well, what could go wrong there?

She finds an alter in the cave that looks like it has been used to sacrifice a lot of what she hoped were not humans. She hears a noise and sloshes through some smelly stagnate water to hide under a rock ledge. She witnesses a gorgeous man carrying a very pregnant woman. The woman who the man calls Dalia cries out for the man, Valentine, to help her but he does not. Jocelyn just knows that he is not human and that he is evil. She watches as the woman’s abdomen and chest rip open and the man lifts out a baby with black hair and red bands just like his hair. He lays the baby on the altar and a fog rolls in and when the fog recedes, the baby is gone. Valentine then lifts another baby out of the woman’s abdomen, incinerates the woman’s body with fire formed from his finger tips and walks out of the cave humming to the baby.

She waits a long while and then takes off back down the mountain. She falls and cries out. Nathaniel Silivasi, one of Shelby’s brothers who was at his grave side, hears Jocelyn’s scream and goes to check it out. Jocelyn immediately knows he is not human also which freaks her out because of what she has just witnessed. Then the Blood Moon happens and the constellation Cassiopeia appears in the sky and then markings appeared on her left arm, Cassiopeia.

Nathaniel now has 30 days to produce a sacrifice.

I had a hard time with the sacrificing of a baby whether it was evil or not but the author did a good job at easing my trepidations…not totally convincing me totally but at least I wasn’t tossing the book away. I was also a little worried about the dialogue in the book at first because it seemed a little forced or unnatural. Jocelyn is a modern woman yet she was not using contractions when she spoke. She said, “You are hurt.” Instead of saying, “You’re hurt.” Which drove me insane but then the author either realized it or who knows what but the dialogue became much more relaxed by the end of the book.

This is one of the best new paranormal series that I have read in a long time. It is not your ordinary cookie-cutter vampire book. Tessa Dawn uses new concepts and ideas to achieve this story. Her plot lines are original and complex and it kept me intrigued all the way through the book. When I was finished. I was still hungry for more so I immediately downloaded the next book in the series. I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes paranormal romances.

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