Blood Awakening – Blood Curse #2 – Tessa Dawn

The Blood Curse happened as of a result of a prince, Jaegar, who went mad and killed all of the females of his race (a race descended from celestial beings) in Romania way back in 800 BC. The blood of all the dead females cursed the prince and his descendants. Actually, the prince had a twin who tried to stop his brother but was not able to because Jaegar had all the military forces behind him and Jadon had only a few followers. Because of this, when they were cursed, Jadon received four mercies from the curse.

The Curse

They shall never know the love of a female.

They shall never produce a female offspring.

Their sons will be born in sets of twins, both born of darkness (evil) and the firstborn son of the first set of twins shall be sacrificed for atonement. Failure to sacrifice that son will lead to horrible and agonizing death.

The human host who carries the child will die painfully upon giving birth.

They shall be creatures of the night never entering daylight lest they be killed.

They shall have to ingest blood in order to live.

The Four Mercies granted to Jadon and his descendants

They will be able to walk in the light.

Although they still have to drink blood to live, they do not have to take the life of the person who they feed from.

They shall receive one opportunity to receive a mate and the sign will be shown in the heavens.

They shall still have sets of twins but the first set will have one born of darkness and one born of the light. The twin born of the darkness will have to be sacrificed. Any set of twins born afterwards will both be born of the light.

So basically, Jaegar and his descendants are evil vampires and Jadon and his descendants are good vampires.

The series follows five brothers who are descendants of Jadon. Well, they are descendants of one of the loyal followers of Jadon.

In this book, we find out that not all of the females of the race were killed off. Two of Jadon and Jaegar’s sisters, Ciopori and Vanya, who were thought to be dead were actually secreted away by the Master Wizard Fabian to a faraway land and put into a magical sleep.

Ciopori Demir wakes up after hearing the agonized cry of Marquis Silivasi while he was visiting the grave of his brother. She and her sister have been asleep in a tomb under the ground since 800 BC. Over the years she has dreamed of Marquis and Marquis has dreamed of her. They believe they are made for each other but dark forces are working against them.

The Silivasi family own most of the land and businesses in Dark Moon Vale in the mountains of Colorado. Some years ago, one of them saved Kristina from one of the Dark Ones and gave her a job at their casino as a waitress but Kristina’s boyfriend is a loser. He beats her but she still stays with him and begs the brothers not to hurt him. He beats her one time too many and the brothers decide they’ve had enough. As Marquis takes Kristina to the clinic to be treated for her injuries, the Blood Moon appears with Marquis’ celestial sign Draco. The marking appears on Kristina’s arm which means Kristina is Marquis’ destiny or chosen mate.

It was heartbreaking for Ciopori and Marquis because it meant they couldn’t be together and I felt bad for Marquis because Kristina was really trashy and ungrateful for all the help that the brothers had given her.

What they don’t know is that Salvatore Nistor is using his dark magic against them to make it appear that Kristina and Marquis are chosen mates. Salvatore is a descendant of Jaegar and is evil to the core. The author took us into the mind of Salvatore which was quite disturbing. There were two rape scenes that happened during Salvatore’s POV that were graphic and made me want to vomit. I’m not sure how I felt about them or even if they were necessary to the story but it left me with no doubt just how evil the Dark One’s are.

I was left with a few questions about the Blood Curse. Wasn’t the Blood Curse caused from the death of all the females of the race? So, if two of the females are still alive, why is the curse still in effect? But then again, the blood of the dead females was what made the curse so they would have known that the two sisters were still alive. Also, since Ciopori and Vanya were never vampires, are they bound by the blood curse? Do they have to turn into vampires if they are mated to one of them? I’m sure the author will answer all of these questions in due time but inquiring minds, mainly mine, want to know.

I am so into this series and into the characters who are all unique and interesting. The good guys, of course, are your typical macho but honorable heroes but the author lets you know that they are more animalistic than human in nature when it comes to protecting their loved ones. The plot and developing storyline keep me fascinated so I am definitely going to keep on reading this series.

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