Chained by Night – Moonbound Clan #2 – Larissa Ione

Hunter is the Leader of the MoonBound Vampire Clan and will do anything to protect his clan. In order to save a clan member from another clan leader’s sword, Hunter agrees to marry his awful daughter, Rasha.

Aylin is Rasha’s twin sister but is nothing like her. While Rasha has been treated like a princess, Aylin has been treated like trash because she was born with a twisted lower leg and her father’s clan does not except anything less than perfect.

Hunter finds himself falling for Aylin instead of Rasha but his loyalty is to his clan. Sometimes, happiness and love are not possible for clan leaders.

I really wanted to hate Rasha in this book and I did but she did have one redeeming quality. Although, she was raised to be cruel and to believe that only the strongest deserve to live, she showed kindness to Aylin at times. She snuck books to Aylin throughout their childhood despite the fact that their father didn’t allow it. Rasha was still awful but I liked that the author didn’t make her totally evil. She was just a product of how she was raised and what she was taught all of her life.

I’m not sure how many books Larissa Ione plans on writing for this series but I hope this will be an ongoing series as opposed to a trilogy because there are some strong background characters who I would love to get to know better. I’m looking forward to the next book.


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