The Highlander’s Bride Trouble – The Sutherlands #4 – Mary Wine

Saer MacLeod was raised away from his clan on the wild Scottish isles. He and his mother were banished because his father wasn’t married to his mother and his new bride was too jealous to keep her around. But when his clan needed him after his father died while fighting on the wrong side of the Battle of Sauchieburn where King James III was killed, Saer took over as chief. Before he arrived, his clan had been raided, their livestock stolen and their crops burned or trampled so they were left with very little to survive the harsh winter but Saer was able to turn it all around. His clan is now thriving under his leadership. He has everything he wants…he thinks…until he meets the wild and beautiful Nareen Grant.

Nareen’s older brother sent her to live with her cousin for protection when she defied her father and their earl but her cousin tried to sell Nareen’s virtue to the highest bidder. She was able to escape but she feels betrayed, not only by her cousin but by her brother who sent her away too. She never wants to be under the control of a man again so when Saer pursues her, she fights him all the way.

Mary Wine knows her Scottish history and how to endear her characters to her readers and I found myself getting caught up in drama. It is sad that this was the last book in the series because I could have read more. I could see a storyline for Nareen’s brother and I would have really liked to see the Comyn’s, who live on the neighboring land to Saer’s clan get what’s coming to them too.

I’m on a Highlander binge right now and haven’t reached my fill yet. Sigh!





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