Stolen by the Highlander – A Highland Feuding #1 – Terri Brisbin

Somehow, I missed this series by Terri Brisbin. I follow her on Facebook and saw that she put out the second book of the series. I stopped what I was doing and downloaded both books. Usually, I worry about downloading more than one book at a time of a series because, if the first book bites rocks, I would have wasted money on a second book that I won’t read but I never have to worry that a Terri Brisbin book will be bad. Her books are always satisfying.

Arabella Cameron has been offered up by her father like a sacrificial lamb to end a centuries long feud between the Camerons and the Mackintoshes. She is to be married to one of the two Mackintosh cousins, Brodie or Caelan, whichever one becomes chieftain of the clan. The decision will be made by the current chief, their uncle and the Mackintosh council. But when Brodie is blamed for killing her brother, it is decided that she will marry Caelan.

Brodie ends up stealing Arabella before she is married to Caelan. He has to convince her that Caelan is not who he pretends to be and he has evil plans in the works

The romance was great but I did get a little irritated about how nobody thought it was odd that everyone fell asleep the night of Arabella’s brother’s murder and couldn’t remember anything except for Caelan and a few of his friends who happened to witness the murder. But besides that, this was a great beginning to a new series.



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