How to Handle a Highlander – The Sutherlands #3 – Mary Wine

Moira Frazer is the half-sister to Bari Frazer who is the Laird of her clan. Bari has only one thing on his mind…REVENGE…for the death of his favorite sister Sandra, his full sister with whom he seemed to have had an abnormal obsession. He believes the Sutherlands put her to death after she poisoned the earl and almost killed him. Bari who has treated Moira like a servant her whole life, has now contracted her to marry and old decrepit laird from the Matheson clan. The Matheson laird has lead him to believe that he will ride with Bari against the Sutherlands if he can marry Moira.

Moira thinks that if she marries the Matheson laird and can make him happy, he will not ride against the Sutherland along with Bari. She knows her brother is half mad but she needs to save her clan from total destruction because that is what would happen if they went up against the Sutherlands.

Gahan Sutherland is the bastard son of the Earl of Sutherland. He is keeping a close eye on Bari Frazer when he hears about the upcoming nuptials. He decides to go witness them to keep a better eye on things. He knows Bari is up to something. What he doesn’t count on, is that he would fall for the bride.

I was shocked when the marriage actually happened. I thought Gahan would run away with her before she had to sleep with that foul man but luckily the old geezer is impotent and the marriage is never consummated. But Gahan doesn’t know that, at first.

These two had to overcome a lot, especially dealing with Bari and his evil sister who happened to be still alive. I hate when the good guys have a chance to kill an evil character but they show compassion or have too much honor to kill them and as a reader, I know the bad guy will just come back and cause more trouble. It’s exasperating!

Mary Wine did an amazing job with this story. I loved the historical accuracy of it. Now, I am off to read the next book in the series.

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