The Trouble with Highlanders – The Sutherlands #2 – Mary Wine

Mary Wine continues to amaze me with her clever mix of fiction and historical fact. She knows how to endear her characters, especially the heroines, to her readers.

I liked Daphne Macleod already from the last book because of what she did to stop a clan war. First, she runs to the Church to become a novice rather than see two best friends fight over her. But what really was the clincher for me to fall in love with her was when she gave up her virginity to the overlord Norris Sutherland in order for her betrothal to be broken and for her betrothed to marry the woman he truly loved. It was a selfless and brave act.

Daphne’s father fought and was killed on the wrong side of the Battle of Sauchieburn so now clans who supported the new king have raided and ruined most of her land, leaving her clan struggling to survive the winter.

Norris Sutherland comes to her rescue…sort of…in his own macho way. The romance is sizzling but they have to overcome a scheming woman who, with the help of her brother, have malicious plans to make Norris her husband whether he agrees or not.

This was a great story. I loved all of the characters and hated a few too. I can’t wait to read the next book which I have already downloaded.


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