The Highlander’s Prize -The Sutherlands #1 – Mary Wine

This story was such a clever blend of historical fact and fictional characters that I found myself looking up King Edward IV to see if he actually had a bastard child named Clarissa. He didn’t. The author made it seem so believable with her knowledge of English and Scottish history.

Clarissa is one of many bastard children of King Edward IV. Her uncle has sent her to Scotland to be the leman of King James III of Scotland who thinks he can have a child with her and annul his marriage in order to disinherit his eldest son. King James III is an unpopular king with his Scottish subjects who would rather see his son on the throne.

Nobody wants the union between King James III and Clarissa because it could give him more power or something like that. I didn’t really understand how it could be so dangerous to Scotland or the backers of the king’s son. I guess since Clarissa is a noble woman with royal York blood, James III would have ties to England and that would give him too much power and be seen as traitorous in the eyes of a lot of Scottish citizens.

Laird Broen MacNicols kidnaps Clarissa to prevent the union between King James III and her. Broen has been ordered by his Earl to kidnap her and bring her to him so he can deal with her. Many other clans would like to either have control over Clarissa or kill her so she cannot ever be returned to the King so Broen has his work cut out for him.

I liked Clarissa’s character. She had spunk and was able to stand up for herself. Broen was the typical Highland macho man who was honorable and courageous.

I think Mary Wine did a spectacular job of writing this book. She made me feel like I was right there with the characters and I truly had no idea how she was going to pull off the ending but it was also very clever. She’ll be going on my list of favorite historical authors.


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