Come the Morning -Graham Clan #1 – Heather Graham

Can someone please just shut this bitch up? All the heroine does is argue, fight, run away and cause more trouble. Here’s a woman living in 12th century Scotland who disrespects the king and her betrothed and just about everyone she comes across yet somehow, everyone shows patience and allows her to continue her shenanigans.

Obviously, I could not stand the heroine, Melyora MacAdin. She was a spoiled brat who thought everything should go her way which irritated me but it was her constant bickering and arguing that annoyed me most. It took up most of the book. I mean, there were paragraphs and pages of just arguing. The only reason I kept reading was because the author is extremely knowledgeable about Scottish history and it was fascinating. I learned a ton from just reading this story. It kept me from ripping the imaginary pages out of my e-reader whenever Melyora opened her mouth.

I did like the hero, Waryk de Graham. I liked how he handled Melyora. He didn’t over react and let her make herself look like a fool with all her idiotic schemes. In one scene, he let Melyora sit out in a small boat without the oars all night because she was haphazardly running away. She finally swam to shore and he was there waiting for her calmly. It made her look like an idiot without him having to do anything drastic.

I finished the book and decided to read the added excerpt from the next book in the series before I actually purchased it just on the off chance that this author would make another heroine so shrewish. Boy, am I glad I read it! It saved me time and money. Heather Graham obviously thinks impulsive and spoiled argumentative women are what makes a strong woman but it doesn’t. It ruined what could have been a good book.

I won’t be buying another Heather Graham book

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