The Warrior – Return of the Highlanders #3 – Margaret Mallory

Duncan MacDonald has been in the previous two books and we know he was in love before and he never really got over it. In this book, we learn that Duncan was in love with his best friend’s sister. Years ago, before his best friend was the chief and before they had gone off to France to fight, he and Moira had a secret love affair but Duncan always knew it couldn’t last because he was born a bastard with an unknown father and Moira was a chieftain’s daughter.

Both of them thinks the other one abandoned them. Moira had unrealistic expectations and believed that her father would allow her to marry Duncan but when her father found out, he told Duncan to go to France with the others and leave his daughter alone or die. Her father let Moira think he ran off to France without saying goodbye. Duncan believes that Moira got married to the first person she met and forgot about him because her father forced her to marry, not only for alliances but because he knew Moira was pregnant.

Now, Duncan has to rescue Moira from an abusive and dangerous marriage in Ireland. He has no clue that her son is his child. They have to overcome the hurt and betrayal they feel for each other.

I think this was the best book so far of the series. There is still the threat of the chief’s uncle who is now a pirate and causing trouble all over the place and trouble with other clans. There was emotional turmoil and danger all through the book. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next book in the series which I believe is the final book.


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