The Sinner – Return of the Highlanders #2 – Margaret Mallory

Arranged marriages for political gain or clan alliances is a recurring theme in Highlander novels. I don’t think that the authors lack imagination, it is just that it was a fact of life way back in history and most all the characters or at least one of the characters in these books are usually highborn…because two peasants marrying would not make for a challenging read. In this book, the chief has asked his friend to marry someone which is a lot like an arranged marriage because if your chief asks something of you, you do it.

Alex MacDonald is somewhat of a playboy. He likes the lasses but he doesn’t want to get tied down to one. When his chief asks him to marry the daughter of a neighboring clan, he reluctantly agrees but he doesn’t count on Glynis being as reluctant as he is. It could be a challenge to get her to marry him.

Glynis has already been married once to a misogynistic womanizer who couldn’t keep true to the marriage bed so she stabbed him in the thigh. She missed her original target. Somehow she was able to annul the marriage. Now, her father wants to marry her off to another playboy and she wants nothing to do with it.

This book was entertaining. There were serious parts but for the most part it was a light read. I think anyone who likes Highlander novels would like this series.


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