The Chieftain – Return of the Highlanders – Margaret Mallory

This is the final book of the short series.

Connor became chief of the MacDonalds of Sleat when he came home after fighting in France for five years to find that his father and older brother had been killed in the Battle of Flodden and his evil uncle was running the clan into the ground by only looking out for himself. The clan voted in Connor as chieftain and ousted his uncle.

His uncle is now gathering large numbers of pirates and terrorizing the Isle of Sky and all the surrounding Isles. Not only is he at war with his uncle but a rival clan is threatening to take his land. Connor must find a strong clan to marry into so he can get help defending his lands.

Ilysa is a healer and a seer. Connor has always trusted her to take care of the castle and take on the duties that his future wife will take over once he is married. Nobody ever gives Ilysa a second glance because she dresses in frumpy clothing that are shapeless and drab. She covers her hair like a nun and keeps herself in the background. She is in love with Connor because she is too lowborn to marry him. Although her mother was a noblewoman, her father is unknown.

I absolutely adored Ilysa. I laughed a lot at her tactics. I really wanted her to somehow be some powerful chieftain’s daughter and I somehow guessed who her father really was. That was probably a bit of a spoiler but I think anyone could put two and two together.

I am sad that this is the end of this series but it really had nowhere else to go. I would recommend this series to anyone who likes Highlander romances.


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