The Bloodline War – The Community Series #1 – Tracy Tappan

This series kept coming up on my Facebook feed. It irks me to no end that Facebook puts “suggested pages” into my feed. I follow several authors but that doesn’t mean I want advertisements on my feed…but anyway, I finally looked at the series. There were all kinds of hype comparing it to BDB by J. R. Ward and other famous paranormal authors. I read some of the reviews and purchased the book.

Toni Parthen is abducted by a species that must consume human blood to survive. She carries a gene that only a rare few have which can save the species from extinction because they can only breed with someone who carries her rare gene. After her initial fright, she finds that they aren’t really bad people but abducting people hasn’t endeared them to her.

Later she finds out that there is another species, more akin to demons, who also need humans with her rare gene to breed but these demons, if they ever got ahold of her, would imprison her and use her as a breeding machine. They have no ethics or morals and they are the enemy of the species that now holds her.

Jacken Brun is a warrior who is in charge of abducing Toni and making sure she is safe. Jacken is part demon so he cannot ever breed with anyone but Toni is a special kind of human. Not only can she breed with the vampires but she can breed with Jacken too.

The breeding part really was a little too much for me but I went with it just to read the book. The story of the war between the two species was interesting and I liked the developing plot enough to finish the book and start the second book.

It was the second book in the series that made me stop reading the series. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. The warriors are all macho men and the women are all sweet and nice…and that is the problem. I hate sweet and innocent characters. I like flawed and realistic characters. Also, all of the men are virgins because they can’t have sex unless they mate or something like that. The bad guys can rape and do all kinds of bad things because of their genetic make-up but it was hard to understand. Something about everything seemed too contrived to me from the sexual tension to the personalities of the characters. It might not bother other people but it does me so I couldn’t continue reading it.



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