Blood Dark – Blackthorn #5 – Lindsay J. Pryor

This book goes back to the original two characters from the first book of the series, Caitlin and Kane. They didn’t really stay together after the first book. They spent some time together but Caitlin had to go back to her job at the Vampire Control Unit (VCU) and could not do that if she was with Kane who is thought to be a criminal and an enemy of the VCU.

Caitlin annoys me. She is always running into trouble because she thinks she is tough or something stupid like that. She also believes that the VCU is good even though she has seen all the corruption going on it and knows the leader, Sirius is up to no good. I have no idea what Kane sees in her but then again, half the time, he seems to be using her so he is kind of a puke too.

Kane is a powerful Master Vampire and for some reason is really into Caitlin. He shows up when she is in trouble and saves her. He also uses her. He has sex with her and gets information from her that could put her in jeopardy with her job. He keeps all kinds of secrets about what he knows about the strange prophecy that could destroy their world but he keeps it from Caitlin which I think could hurt her in the long run because she has proved to be kind of stupid and she believes in the corrupt governing system.

I like the background story but I do not like this couple. So far, the only thing they have in common is that they like to have sex with each other. Besides that, they don’t trust each other and they keep choosing other things over each other. It is a big turn off for me.

I still like this series enough to keep reading it. I just hope the next book features a different couple and keeps Caitlin and Kane as a background story.

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