Blood Deep – Blackthorn #4 – Lindsay J. Pryor

Blood Deep

By Lindsay J. Pryor

Book #4

I haven’t read this series for a while so it took a little while to remember everything that had happened up to this point but the author is pretty good at keeping readers in the know.

I was entranced by the story from cover to cover which is now just an out-of-date saying about books since I read e-books and don’t really have covers to read between.

The world is made up of tiered caste systems. The elite humans live in the best areas and it goes down from there and, of course, the system is corrupt. Vampires and Lycans have to live in Blackthorn along with the worst of the worst human criminals. Everyone has their own areas and needless to say, Blackthorn is dangerous and even hardened criminals are not safe living there. Criminals are all tattooed with the crimes that they have committed on their arms, at least the ones that they have been convicted of, by the authorities.

Eden Reece works for the Curfew Enforcement Unit and goes deep undercover into Blackthorn. He has been tattooed to make it appear he is a dangerous criminal. Eden has to infiltrate the notorious gangleader Pummel’s gang. Pummel rules like a mad dictator and kills anyone he believes is a threat. Eden doesn’t count on falling for Pummel’s captive, Jessie.

Jessie has been under Pummel’s control for decades. He knows she is a third-species but doesn’t know exactly what she is…just that she has special powers that heal him and keep him young. He keeps her under constant guard. He believes that she has to stay pure or she will lose her powers. It’s the only reason he has not touched her.

I was into the romance but I was more intrigued by the ongoing story of corruption from the Global Counsel and Sirius’ evil plans. Sirius uses his power to manipulate and control events in Blackthorn. He believes in a prophecy and thinks he can manipulate the outcome but he could just bring about doom for the entire world with his methods.

I recommend this series to anyone who likes paranormal romance and wants something a little different.


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