Upon the Midnight Clear – Dark-Hunter Series #12 – Sherrilyn Kenyon

This is book #12 in the Dark-Hunter series and book #2 in the Dream-Hunter series.

Aidan O’Connor is a famous movie start but just wants to be left alone. He is through with movies and people in general. He was generous and trusting until he was screwed over by just about everyone he knew. Now he is bitter and jaded.

He gave his brother Donnie a job but his brother was jealous of him and turned everyone he knew against him. His girlfriend was insecure and ended up with his brother and then spewed lies to the tabloids.

His brother ended up in jail but even from jail, he is causing problems. Donnie summons Dolor, the evil dream god of pain, to get revenge against Aidan. Dolor appears before Donnie and his cell mate and tells them that in order for his powers to be awakened, he has to have a blood sacrifice. Donnie doesn’t blink an eye and cuts his cell mate’s throat without remorse. Dolor tells him that he acted to quick and that the sacrifice has to be someone he loves or cares about. Dolor has been trapped in stasis for thousands of years waiting for someone to summon him.

Leta is the Dream-Hunter who put Dolor in stasis. She battled him and barely won. Zeus wouldn’t allow her to kill him because it would cause a rift in the universe so, with the help of Hades, she cursed him and put him in stasis. The only way he could awaken is if someone found his ring and performed a ritual to summon him. They would then have to sacrifice a loved one for him to be able to enter the human world. She never thought anyone would do it. She was so injured from her battle with Dolor that she put herself in stasis also. When she feels Dolor awaken, it awakens her also.

As a Dream-Hunter who has lost everything, she has nothing else to live for except keeping the world safe from Dolor. When Zeus rounded up the Dream-Hunters to punish them for the trickery of one Dream-Hunter, he killed their families and took away their emotions. Her husband and daughter were among those killed.

She needs to protect Aidan from Dolor. She crams centuries worth of history and culture into her mind in a short amount of time and then she appears at his door in a snow storm under the pretense of her car breaking down. Aidan answers the door and is rude to her. He tells her to go away and to use her cell phone to call for help. She tells him her cell phone has no service so he lets her use his cell phone but his doesn’t have any service either thanks to Leta’s powers. He finally lets her in his house but is incredibly hostile and rude to her. He doesn’t trust anyone and just wants her to leave as quickly as possible. She handles it like a champ though.

She ends up having to stay because of a blizzard outside. She enters his dreams and before the night is over, tells him who she is and that his life is in danger. They sleep together and within 24 hours, they have tender feelings towards each other and he asks her to please not betray him.

Their relationship happened too fast for me, especially since Aidan was supposed to be so distrusting of people. I just couldn’t get into it. I just can’t see how two people can fall in love in less than a day.

They have to find a way to defeat Dolor so Leta flashes herself and Aidan to Olympus where they talk to Deimos, one of the Dolophoni, who tells her that she should talk to Dolor’s sister Lyssa. Lyssa is the personification of insanity and only speaks in rhymes. She tells them some strange rhyme which is supposed to help them defeat Dolor.
Aidan comes up with a plan to attack Dolor in a dream before he has a chance to attack them. They take a sleeping serum to keep them asleep and go into the dream world. They fight Dolor but he all of the sudden disappears. Deimos appears to them in the dream and tells them that Dolor has found a body and can now enter the human realm. Donnie sacrificed his own son Ronald to host Dolor. He tells them they have to wake up because they are on their way to kill Aidan and Leta while they sleep.

Even though I thought Aidan and Leta’s relationship happened unrealistically fast, I still was hoping they’d end up together and could beat Dolor and Donnie.

Story at the end of the book.

Unless you are familiar with the characters in the Dark-Hunter series, you may have trouble following this.

At the end of the book was a mini-story called Holiday Gatherings. It was about
Christmas in New Orleans 2007. There were a few scenes. The first scene was at the Sanctuary and was about Aimee missing Fang. She is in love with Fang but her family would never approve or accept a relationship between them. She is a bear and he is a wolf and a relationship between the species is just unheard of.

The next gathering is at Kyrian Hunter’s house. He and his wife, their two children and all of Amanda’s family are celebrating Christmas together. Even Valerius and Zarek are there. They all used to be enemies but have since buried the hatchet. Nick is outside watching them through a window. He wishes he could join them but he can’t because he has made the mistake of joining forces with Stryker, the enemy and through their connection, Stryker can see everything that Nick sees. Stryker wants Kyrian’s daughter because he can control the fate of the world if he has possession of her and even though Nick hates Acheron, he still owes too much to Kyrian to ever hurt him by letting Stryker get ahold of his daughter. Nick leaves and goes to visit his mother’s tomb.

Stryker watches Nick as he visits his mother’s tomb and asks his sister Satara, “Why did I make him my servant again?” and she tells him that she thinks Stryker should kill him but Stryker thinks he will be his tool to finally kill Acheron and to bring Apollymi to her knees.

The last scene is of Acheron spending Christmas with Simi, Xirena, Alexion and Danger in Katoteros. His brother Styxx is there for some reason and asking Acheron to give him a second chance. I had no idea they were even on speaking terms. Urian, who I have a huge crush on, shows up and joins them. Then Ash flashes himself to Olympus to spend time with Kat. He gets a strange feeling and knows something is coming for him and it will change his life forever.

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