Dragonswan as found in In Other Worlds – Dark-Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon


As found in Other Worlds anthology which as Sherrilyn Kenyon novellas from her different series.

This is book #1.5 in the Dark-Hunter series. It is a novella to introduce the Were-Hunter series to the Dark-Hunter series but I am not sure that these characters are in the rest of the series at all.

Channon MacRae is a professor and scholar. She has been obsesses with a certain tapestry that depicts a battle between a dragon and a man for years. She is studying the tapestry at the museum where it is housed when she hears a man say, “Be kind to dragon, for thou art crunchy when roasted and taste good with ketchup.” She turns around to see the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen standing there.

I knew I liked Sebastian right then and there because he had a sense of humor. I laughed a lot at some of the things he said that Channon thought were jokes but were actually the truth about being a dragon. When she asks him what a man like him is doing at the museum, he tells her he’s there to steal the tapestry. She thought it was a joke but he really was there to steal it.

Sebastian is strangely attracted to this human female with her shirt buttoned up crooked and her mismatching socks. He is an ancient Arcadian Sentinel, a human who can shift into dragon form and who slays Katagaria dragons. Katagaria are enemies of the Arcadians. They are animals that can shift into human form. He has to leave in the morning back to his era in time but he wants to spend time with Channon so he asks her out.

Channon agrees to go out with him and then sleeps with him that night. While she is sleeping, Sebastian goes back to the museum and steals the tapestry.

His sister made the tapestry centuries ago. It depicts their family history and he needs the tapestry to save his brother from Katagaria dragons who have kidnapped him. The Katagaria dragons want the tapestry because they think it holds some kind of secret.

When the mating mark, a geometrical design, appears on Sebastian’s hand, he knows he is mated to Channon. He knows that he only has three weeks to get her to agree to the mating ritual or he will become impotent for as long as Channon lives but he has to get back to his time period to trade the tapestry for his brother or his brother will be killed and he can only time-travel on the full moon at first light. He also knows that if he leaves Channon alone, other Were-Hunters will recognize her as his mate and could kill her so he doesn’t want to leave her alone. The only way a Were-Hunter can take someone else through time is if they agree so he wakes up Channon and she groggily agrees.

Channon wakes up on the back of a huge horse back in Saxon England before England was even a country named England. Sebastian explains their dilemma and she is pretty cool with it. She figures that she can learn all about history and then go back on the next full moon if she chooses.

But she doesn’t get how dangerous it is until they reach their destination and Sebastian’s enemies come after him. Will she choose to mate with Sebastian and live in such a dangerous time or leave him forever and go back to her own time?




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