Love Bytes and Santa Wears Spurs – Dark Bites – Sherrilyn Kenyon

These two stories are included in Dark Bites but, as far as I can tell, have no connection with the Dark-Hunter series nor are they paranormal. They are just romances so I am clumping them together in one post.

Both these stories happen near Christmas time.

Love Bytes

Samantha Parker and Adrian Cole work for the same web-based company. Samantha works in a cubicle but Adrian is the computer guru and expert of the company and has his own office.

Adrian seems to be needed by everyone at all hours of the day whether it be by employees or his mother and sister and they all seem to depend on him and use him a little too much and he allows it. His mom and sister say mean things to him or try to guilt-trip him when he tries to tell them, “no”.

Samantha collects figurines of knights but thinks she will never really get a “knight in shining armor” in her life. She is secretly in love with Adrian but thinks that he would never even look at her in that way and the company has a policy of no relationships between management and underlings.

Adrian comes to work a lot in mismatched clothes because he is color blind and his sister plays bad jokes on him with his clothes when she is mad at him or just because she thinks it is funny. He pays her a lot of money to do his laundry and match his clothes but she takes him for granted and sometimes doesn’t even do the job he pays her for. Samantha agrees to take him shopping for new clothes and get him a makeover suitable for his position in the company.

From there, it is just the basic romance novella.


Santa Wears Spurs

It starts out by Danger O’Connell racing across the cold winter Texas plains with his pinto to return money to an orphanage that his brother, Pete, stole. I thought this was funny because I have owned a Pinto and there was no “racing” about it. It would barely go 45mph before it would start shuddering around me and when I came to a stop light, I’d have to do a little dance with my feet on the clutch and gas to keep it from dying. Even then, it would die and would take forever to start. People behind me would get pissed because it took so long to get through the light and sometimes, I would have to wait for the next light.

Danger was orphaned young and only had his brother to help raise him. His brother turned him to a life of crime to survive. He was hardcore until he met and fell in love with a woman but he left her for fear that his brother would use her against him or hurt her because his brother liked their life of crime.

Catherine O’Callahan and her friend run an orphanage and boarding house. She took in four orphans in town and she has a four year old daughter from her husband. Her husband left her without a word before she had a chance to tell him she was pregnant.

When a knock on the door on Christmas Eve, she answers it and drops the lantern she is holding when she sees the man with his horse standing there. That’s when I realized pinto was a horse and not a car and that this was back in the time before cars. I should have known by the word not being capitalized that it was a horse and not a car. Geesh!

Anyway, the man turns out to be her husband, Michael. His nickname is Danger but Catherine doesn’t know that and she doesn’t know that he is an outlaw with the last name of O’Connell hunted by the law and his brother. His brother will never let him go.

They sleep together that night but in the morning, there is a marshal in the kitchen who Catherine rents a room to and Michael introduces himself with a different name. Catherine becomes suspicious. Michael knows he can’t stay because of the law and because of his dangerous brother.

I liked the story but didn’t like that it had nothing to do with the Dark-Hunter series.


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